Author: Julia Seay

East Texas Children Tell the Nativity Story (Reenacted by Grownups). You’re Welcome.

THIS. IS. EPIC. Best Christmas movie you'll see all year, featuring Star Wars and Chickens. #TrueStory

Free and Separate States United For the Cause of Liberty

Of the 56 men who signed the declaration, 12 fought in battles as members of state militias, five were captured and imprisoned during the Revolutionary War, 17 lost property as a result of...
Posted On July 5, 2016

The Brits Have Spoken: BRexit!

BRexit means Brits are saying “NO!” to being ruled by a corrupt centralized government.

Warning Oklahoma: Schools Campaigning Via Students is Illegal!

Oklahoma activist Julia Seay offers a reminder to parents that campaigning through your children is ILLEGAL and needs to be stopped.

American Flag Act Ensures American Flags are Made By American Workers

Oklahoma is creating a bill to ensure American flags are made in America. File this under Common Sense...

Can You Handle the Truth?

Resolutions to seek the truth seem to be more frequent this year than ever before.

Has America Become What Our Forefathers Sought to Destroy?

Michael Maharrey wrote the article 'America Embraces Tyranny It Fought to Reject' describing how our government has become the very thing we fought against.

The Tradition of the Wreath

Christy Johnson shares the meaning and tradition behind the Christmas wreath.

Abolish the Federal Education Dept. and the Oligarchy of D.C.

The out-of-control Federal Education Dept. should be completely abolished. Is there hope? Maybe, but it won’t be easy.

Has the TEA Party Been Assimilated Into the Borg?

We the People, led by the TEA Party, must insist on retracting our consent to be assimilated into the Borg.

Protect Life Rally in Oklahoma

The Protect Life and Marriage Rally is taking place at the Oklahoma State Capitol on October 25th at 4:00

Victory in Oklahoma For Vaccine Choice and Defeat for Sleazy Politics

Thanks to grassroots efforts, mandatory medical procedures have been eradicated in Oklahoma and vaccine choice will be up to the parents.

The United States as 50 Cultures, Not One

Should the United States become 50 different state governments, only to unite for a common cause such as protecting our borders, building roads, etc?

Heads-Up Parents: School-wide Student Mental Health Plans Coming Your Way

Parents Beware: The latest grab for your children are Student Mental Health plans, in which teachers are allowed to evaluate your child's mental health.

Are States’ Rights A Thing of the Past?

With government overriding states' rights, are liberty & freedom a thing of the past?

CONGRESS: Please Investigate Gates’ Takeover of U.S. Education!

While grassroot movements are trying to stop Common Core education in ALL states, Bill Gates & the feds are doing everything they can to push it through.

(VIDEO) One Distraction: I Still Think You’re Beautiful

This video, entitled 'I Still Think You're Beautiful,' might give you some hope for the next generation.

The Continual Fight (and Fallout) of Common Core in Oklahoma

Oklahoma teachers who are outspoken against Common Core and the obsessive data collection are at risk of losing their jobs.