Author: Jonathan P. Henderson

Facebook Democrats Say American Law Enforcement is Just a Shot Away from Britain

For Occupy Democrats, the truth really is stranger than fiction.

A Chilean Model for Reinventing Social Security and Medicare

93% of Chilean workers chose a privatized model of social security pension; as a result Chile’s financial system was fully run by private corporations.

With Continuous (and Dangerous) Illegal Immigrant Problems, Is it Time for Mass Deportations?

Given the propensity of dangerous illegals in the US, Jonathan Henderson suggests it is time for mass deportation using sanctuary cities as regional bases.

American Federalism Must Devolve Into Athenian Democracies

Athenian democracies under conservative principles can only manifest if its appointed officials meet danger ‘voluntarily, with an easy mind.'

Have Republicans Gone the Way of the Whigs?

Old-School Republicans have gone the way of the Whigs, identifiable as the contemporary “Know Nothing” cartel/party.

The Looney Left’s “First World Problem” Over Cecil the Lion

Cecil the lion's death is an unjustifiable “First World Problem” affecting no one save those holding signs advocating we “save the planet/commit suicide”.

Democrats on Facebook Wage Political Proxy Warfare with “Meme Weapons of Mass Delusion”

Jonathan P. Henderson de-bunks some of the memes Democrats on have been posting.

America: Middle Class, Dismissed!

Since 1964, Democrats have waged a war on poverty, yielding no fruit other than the spoiled variety. Poverty is at a fifty year high, and the middle class, near extinction.

Juxtaposing Communism with Public Education

The tenth plank of Karl Marx's The Communist Manifesto (1848) denies parental rights to choose where their children's education, much less homeschooled.

A Lifetime Gambling with Political Correctness

Political correctness is the socialist trap for conservatives, to confine conscientious objectors opposing the establishment.

Planned Parenthood’s Lurid Past: Racial Superiority, Sterilization, Segregation

Planned Parenthood's origins consisted of sterilizing &/or segregating those deemed unworthy in the Black community. Why do so many continue to support it?

America’s Hippies Sired a Posterity of Idiots

America truly has raised a generation of idiots. Technology finally surpassed mankind’s common sense.

Planned Parenthood: Eugenics & Organ Harvesting Under China’s “One Child Policy”

Is there a connection between Planned Parenthood and China's one-child policy? Jonathan P. Henderson explores.

The Alliance of Obama, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Muslim Brotherhood & ISIS

Jonathan P. Henderson's final article on an Islamic Caliphate, focusing on the connections between Erdogan, Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood & ISIS.

Ukraine’s “Revolution of Dignity” and Possible U.S. Support of Neo Nazi Militias

Acc. to BeforeItsNews ranking U.S. Senators on the Intelligence Committee met with an officer within the Ukrainian Neo Nazi battalions in Washington.

The Fall of Mohamed Morsi and the Conspiracy that Created ISIS

Jonathan P. Henderson's continuation of his Islamic Caliphate series and the formation of ISIS.

The Obama-Clinton Initiative for an Islamic Caliphate, Part One: The Libyan Revolution and Benghazi

Jonathan P. Henderson pieces together events surrounding the Libyan Revolution & Benghazi, all perhaps leading up to an Islamic Caliphate.