Author: John Ransom

The U.S. Economy: No Happy Ending in Obamanomics

Despite the prognostications of those who have been saying since 2009 that the economy is “finally” on the mend, there is very little data to support the contention.

The Fake Falling Deficit and the Phony Unemployment Drop

The good news is unemployment continues to decline. The bad news is that doesn't mean you'll have a job as the joblessness rate also continues to decline.

In Democrats, Socialists Find “Dead Cat Bounce”

The “dead cat bounce” could convince Democrats to do the worst of all possible things: Elect another representative of a philosophy that’s already dead.

Winter Storm China Newest Excuse for Slow US Growth

China is being used as just another excuse, like the Fukushima nuclear disaster & Winter Storm Whatever as to why U.S & EU economic growth is stalling.

GM: Chevy Volts Are People Too… Soon

In 2016 GM and Chevy will introduce self-driving versions of the Chevy Volt, also known as Autonomous Volts.

Sorry Soros: China’s Not All That

Despite what Soros says (and Obama's oft wished dream of being president of China) John Ransom says, 'China's not all that."

Big Government Buried Under Thousand Points of Light

Buried under the Jeb Bush rhetoric is a lot of big government covered up by a thousand point of light.

Prepare for QE Calls…Again

Expect the QE refrain to start up soon.

May We Have a Government Shutdown Please?

Government shutdown? Townhall Finance editor John Ransom says, 'Bring it!'

Fed Has Zero Interest in Zero Unemployment

The longer the Fed keeps interest rates “accommodative” the more tightly the bubble expands until ultimately prices collapse.

Get the Government out of the Money Business

If you want the money out of government there is only one reform you need to support: Get the government out of the money business.

The Amazing Abnormal Fed and the Amazing Abnormal Economy

This week's non-event is whether the Fed will or won't raise interest rates & it will make headlines whether it matters or not to the market & the economy.

Harvard Alum Prove They Are as Irrelevant as Global Warming

A study of 2,716 Harvard Business School graduates shows they think the worst thing that faces this country economically is “rising income inequality”.

This Time Budget Battle Needs GOP Resolution

If budget deal isn't done by the end of the month it will all be the fault of the nasty GOP, headed of course, by Senator Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

Financial Fear is Good too But How Does it Help You?

Remember: The stock market is firstly a behavioral market, not necessarily a financial one.

On 9/11: What Jimmy Carter Started Obama Completed

What Jimmy Carter started, Obama completed. Carter lost Iran, Obama lost the world.

Greece to the Rescue?

With economic growth projections being slashed, as a result some say the European Central Bank is getting ready to buy more government bonds. From Greece.

Surrender Democrats: More Drop Out of Labor Force

That the Fed might not raise rates, or only raise them symbolically this year, means that the economy is truly catching up with the Democrats.