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Author: Jenny Kefauver

#FixTheVA: A Must-See Film for All Concerned About America’s Veterans Healthcare

#FixtheVA is a must-see mini-documentary series produced by the Blaze Radio Network co-hosts Skip LaCombe and Doc Thompson.

U.S. Senate Candidate Tom Del Beccaro Announces Details of Flat Tax Plan

CA U.S. Senate candidate Tom Beccaro outlined his endorsement of a national flat tax plan.

New Organization Warns of Consequences of the Iran Deal If Signed

Introducing a new action-oriented website which serves to educated and warn Members of Congress of the likely consequences of the Iran bill.

California GOP Senate Candidate Tom Del Beccaro Explains His Support of Flat Tax

Tom Beccaro, running for Senate in CA to replace Barbara Boxer, talks to PolitiChicks about his endorsement of a Flat Tax.

Book Review: ‘Liars & Whores’ by Ethan Bearman

Jenny Kefauver reviews the new book, "Liars & Whores" by Ethan Bearman.

12-Year Old Conservative Faces Death Threats From Vicious Internet Troll

A 12-year old has received death threats for publicly posting his conservative opinions on social media.

New Documentary, “Farming in Fear” to Debut at Anthem Film Festival

VA farmer Martha Boneta is the subject of a new documentary, “Farming in Fear” premiering at the Freedom Fest summit in Las Vegas July 11, 2015.

Interview With J.D. Winteregg, Candidate Running Against John Boehner 2016

Why is J.D. Winteregg running against Speaker John Boehner in 2016? Jenny Kefauver interviews the candidate for PolitiChicks.

Looking Back: Earth Day Roots Include Participation by Convicted Murderer

Earth Day, originally founded in 1970 by then-U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson (D-WI), is an annual event in which municipalities and communities express their support for preserving the environment...

Food Fight at UC Campus Proves Political Correctness Continues to Reign

FOX News’ Todd Starnes opined on a recent controversy that occurred at my alma mater, the University of California, Santa Cruz, which to me showed that nothing had changed since my attendance...

Right Online: The Digital Grassroots Event For Conservatives

May 1 and 2 will mark the 8th annual Right Online event, sponsored by Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFPF), in Washington, DC. Conservative activists will have the opportunity to hear from...


A new initiative to encourage voters to select only #conservative political candidates who uphold those values, #NoMorein16!, will start on Monday, March 23rd. Spearheaded by Texas-based Tea...

Can A Republican (Finally) Take Barbara Boxer’s U.S. Senate Seat? Interview with Tom Del Beccaro

Tom Beccaro, former chairman of the California Republican Party, has announced that he is opening an exploratory committee to run for the U.S. Senate seat. As an attorney, father, and lifelong...

Tribute to Conservative Movement Pioneer, M. Stanton Evans

From the perspective of a former intern Longtime luminary and pioneer of the modern conservative movement, M. Stanton Evans, passed away in his sleep early on March 3, 2015, after a long battle...

Small Business Owner Confronts MSNBC’s Schultz Over Obamacare

Small business owner and podcast radio host Lou Desmond and his wife were among the millions affected by Obama Care, when their longtime insurance policy was cancelled in August of 2013. In...

EPA Not Cooperating With Lawsuit; Produces Redacted, Incomplete Docs


Virginia Family Farm Under Assault Under Guise of “Enforcement”

Virginia Family Farm under assault from an overreaching quasi-agency; false accusations, Gestapo tactics were used under the guise of “enforcement.” Martha Boneta, an organic family farmer from...

BUYER BEWARE: Online Dangers Can Be Avoided Using Proper Precautions

Bud Runion, a classic car enthusiast from the metro Atlanta area, replied to an online advertisement on the popular touting a classic 1966 Fort Mustang for sale in late January....