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Author: James Patrick Riley

James Patrick Riley: Why Did The Lord Say ‘Fear Not’?

I know my Lord told me to "fear not," but I also know why He said that: we're scared a lot.

5 Ways To Become an American: An Immigrant’s Guide

James Patrick Riley offers 5 important suggestions that SHOULD be done before being honored with American citizenship.

James Patrick Riley: The Sexy Side of “It’s a Wonderful Life”

When beautiful women are hired to sell anything from cosmetics to designer water, the art direction will likely skew heavily in the mysterious, coy, even angry direction. In feature film, women...

To Win America Back — Have Some Fun

If you wanted to build a church in Colonial America, and you were calling in the whole township to help raise the rafters, after the mortise and tenons were cut and joined, you needed one thing...

Guest Writer James Patrick Riley: Fearless, Wine-drinking Warriors for Christ

Anno Domini: King Jesus Something went terribly wrong with the Christian faith in the 19th century, and we’re paying the price for it today. Mind you, as a believer, I know that nothing can...