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Author: Fred Eichelman Ed. D.

Dr. Fred Eichelman: Historical Preservation Alone is Not at Stake

We hear a great deal about liberal young people wanting to tear down statues, rename buildings, rename streets and schools if any leader connected with the South, especially the confederacy, is...

Nov. 7 Elections & Beyond: Christians Have A Responsibility To Vote

A former beloved pastor of ours used to make the following statement on the Sunday before election day. “Every Christian citizen has the responsibility to attend church, read the Bible and vote....

Book Review:  Out of the Shadows: Exposing the Power of Bible Women

Politically Savvy Women of the Bible This is the first book I have ever found on this interesting topic, Out of the Shadows: Exposing The Power of Bible Women by Dr. Carolyn Roth. Dr. Roth is a...

Top 10 Faith Films of 2015

Fred Eichelman presents the Top 10 Faith Films of 2015.