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Author: Dr. Fred Eichelman

Fahrenheit 451, A Book Ahead of Its Time

The events of the past decade has had a number of people making comparisons to the works of fiction writers such as George Owell and Aldous Huxley whose 1984 and Brave New World seemed to predict...

Book Review, “PolitiChicks: A Clarion Call to Political Activism”

“Politics-The art or science of Government”– Merriam-Webster “Politics The art of Life”–An olde government teacher Many years ago when a young lady I knew heard that my childhood was...

“As Time Goes By” for President Donald Trump

Dr. Fred Eichelman prsents similarities between the classic film Casablanca and the presidency of Donald Trump.

A Painful Lesson Virginia Learned When Gov’t Took Over Textbook Writing

Educators in Virginia back in the 50’s and 60’s should remember well that we had an example of Common Core enforced by the state for fifteen years. It was an example of what happens...

President Donald Trump: Save the Coal Industry, Save America

It was once said that coal mining was the backbone of America. That can be true again.

Hillary Will Abort 1,000 Years of Energy Independence

As the 2016 presidential campaign is coming to a close there is one issue this writer would like to have seen stressed more than it has been. That is energy and the issue comes strongly to my...

After Teaching 4 Decades, Retired Teacher Sees Necessity For Home Schooling

I know I may be accused of betraying my profession. I am in the process of finishing an amazing book, one of the best books on education that I have read in years, They’re Your Kids-An...

My Favorite National Republican Convention: Miami 1968

Dr. Fred Eichelman shares his experiences from the 1968 National Republican Convention.