Author: Dennis Santiago

California’s SB 707: Gun Control vs. the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment

SB 707 is a gun control bill. It is part of a larger strategy of zero tolerance gun control measures to cause people to lose their gun rights.

LA’s Bizarre ‘Safe Storage Rule’ for Loaded Handguns in Homes

A new LA ordinance says you can only have a handgun in your home that is loaded & not disabled on your person or in immediate vicinity at all times.

Open Prison California: Is Sacramento Making Another Mistake?

Sacramento politicians are creating Open Prison California w/pending bills that target citizens' ability to deter & resist violent & non-violent criminals.

Guest Writer Dennis Santiago: Does America Need a Trump Card in the Middle East?

Guest writer Dennis Santiago reminds us Donald Trump was ridiculed for being wary of going into Iraq after 9/11 yet his misgivings have proven to be true.