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Author: David Weissman

Dangerous Democrat Presidential Duo Supports Dangerous Iran Deal

Last week Hillary Clinton announced her Vice President pick, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. My job as an Israeli correspondent is to find out what kind of impact he could have if team Clinton/Kaine...

Yes, Even Israel Has Left Wing/Right Wing Party Problems

Israeli correspondent David Weissman tells of the right wing/left wing differences in Israel.

Islam, Gun Control, and Working With Israel

  France suffered tragedy as radical Islam strikes again. Death toll with the latest reports 84 murdered in Nice, France, which is a place I know personally when I went to France on a high...

Hillary Is a Disaster for Both America and Israel

Clinton's horrific lack of leadership with Benghazi and her acceptance of the Iran deal are proof she would be destructive as president not only for America but also for Israel.

For Those In the Media Who Support Israel: This Israeli Says Thank You!

Being a friend of Israel is not just about giving money, or being forced into a position where they felt obligated to help build a missile defense system the Iron Dome.  A true friend or ally...

PolitiChicks’ Israeli Correspondent Meets With Yesh Atid Security Advisor

ISRAEL:  Yesh Atid is a group that is in the middle of the political spectrum; not as far right as Likud and Jewish home, but not as far left as the labor union. However Yesh Atid brings many...

Like Israel, Should America Implement a 2 State Solution?

Is America going down the same path as Israel, appeasing Islamists until there's nothing left but to divide America into 2 States?

To Survive, Israel Must Unite

A 2 State Solution would be suicide for Israel.

Despite Efforts, Protest Group BDS Can’t Prevent Entertainers From Performing in Israel

The hate group Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) continually tries to prevent entertainers from performing in Israel.

Radical Islam Is the Enemy of Israel

Israeli citizen David Wassman explains who the real enemy of Israel is.

A New Day Has Dawned in the State of Israel

A new day has dawned in the State of Israel.

Israel vs. Iran: A Tale of Two Cities

Iran has tested mid-range ballistic missiles that can reach Israel. The medium range missiles according to Iranian news agency Tasnim, tested 2 weeks ag has a range of 2000 kilometers. Full...

To President Obama: It Is ISIS NOT ISIL

There's a reason Obama continues to call ISIS 'ISIL' and it's not good.

May 4, Holocaust Remembrance Day: We Must Make “Never Again” a Reality

On Wednesday, May 4th at sundown, the people of Israel celebrate the holiday Yom Hoshoah Ve-Hagevurah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Modern Day Passover Prayer From Israel: Let Our Soldier Go

Israeli writer David Weissman offers a modern day Passover prayer for an IDF soldier facing manslaughter charges for eliminating a terrorist in Hebron.

Terror Attack in Jerusalem 

There was a terror attack Monday in Jerusalem. A bus exploded which damaged another bus and car injuring about 20 people. The cowardly tactic that Hamas used was putting a bomb in an empty bus...

The Golan Belongs to Israel

Prime Minister Netanyahu took the time to visit the Golan Heights Sunday and declared that Israel will never leave the strategic region.

Purpose of Israel to the World: Homeland for the Jewish People or Jewish Democratic State?

Should Israel be a homeland for the Jewish people or a Jewish democratic state?