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Author: Daniel Greenfield


Daniel Greenfield: The Brainwashing of a Nation

Brainwashing isn’t a secretive event that takes place in hidden rooms. No hypnotists or vials full of chemicals are required. It takes place every day on a massive scale across the United States....

Daniel Greenfield: The Green New Deal Comes to New York

A ban on skyscrapers. Wind turbines in the middle of one of the most overcrowded and noisiest cities on earth. Billions in building renovation costs. Stopping natural gas. Shutting down all the...

Daniel Greenfield: America is a Reality, Not an Idea

Trump has become the candidate of reality...Biden has emerged to campaign as the candidate of an idea. If only he had one.

Daniel Greenfield: Declare War on Russia or Shut Up

The Mueller Report has come and gone leaving behind neither collusion nor obstruction. But in the time that has passed, the Democrats have shown that they won’t give up their pet conspiracy...

Daniel Greenfield: Courage and Cowardice on the Last Day of Passover in California

The New York Times wants people to believe that there would be peace in the Middle East if it weren’t for the Jews...And John Earnest believed that he would have a girlfriend and a satisfying...

Daniel Greenfield: Escape From New York 2021

The consequences of a powerful Democrat majority in New York means driving everyone who works for a living out of the state, if they can find a way to get out, and then robbing them some more on...

Daniel Greenfield: There’s No White Privilege, Only Racial Differences

White privilege, the hottest racist idea since cross-burnings at midnight and photos with Farrakhan, is a subject of academic study and media discourse. It’s hard to escape its pernicious message...

Daniel Greenfield: Raise Taxes on Everyone Richer Than Me

“Nobody should earn more than a million dollars,” Bernie Sanders declared in 1974. During his original Senate run, the socialist candidate claimed that “concentrations of wealth” were...

Daniel Greenfield: 3 Muslim Terror Plots Targeted Synagogues in 3 Months

To the three Muslim synagogue terror plotters, anti-Semitism was a fundamental component of their religious and political values. Killing Jews was as natural to them as attacking government buildings.

Daniel Greenfield: From Slavery to Freedom

As another Passover begins, the echoes of “Once we were slaves and now we are free” and “Next year in Jerusalem” resound briefly and then fade into the background noise of...

Daniel Greenfield: Media Dwells on Threats to Rep. Omar, Ignores Threats to Republicans

Republican elected officials have suffered disproportionately from harassment and threats of violence. The only House members to be physically assaulted in the last few years have been Republicans.

Daniel Greenfield: Money in the Toilet

The fastest rising item in the country isn’t gold or bitcoin, it’s the cost of a public bathroom. In ’08, a San Francisco Weekly article fumed that a park restroom in Golden Gate Park was costing...

Daniel Greenfield: What If You Hold a 2020 Kickoff Rally and No One Comes?

“When we tell Trump enough is enough, I want him to hear your voice along with mine,” Gillibrand had pleaded. Not only wasn’t Trump there. No one else was there either.

Daniel Greenfield: The Media Cheers Mayor Buttigieg While South Bend Bleeds

On March 31, a South Bend grandma brought her grandson to the hospital. The 11-month-old baby boy had been shot. His grandmother’s car had also taken fire. It was another early morning in South...

Daniel Greenfield: The Low Standards of Hate in the Sixth-Worst Airport in America

When intolerance comes to America, it will be wrapped in inclusion and diversity. And it will land at the sixth-worst airport in America where the flights are always late, the seats smell like...

Daniel Greenfield: The Islamic Hate that Killed a Little Jewish Girl Still Haunts France

Seven years ago, Mohammed Merah pointed a gun at the head of 7-year-old Miriam Monsonego. The blonde little girl was the daughter of the school principal and moments ago had been playing in a...

Daniel Greenfield: Hold Hillary Clinton Accountable for RussiaGate

Oddly, no one is blaming the political arsonist who started the dumpster fire that is Russiagate: Hillary Clinton.

Daniel Greenfield: Trump Ends Obama’s Taxpayer-Funded Mortgages for Illegal Aliens

U.S. taxpayers & our economy have been exploited by the FHA & Democrats with DACA FHA loans for illegal aliens.