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Author: Daniel Greenfield

Daniel Greenfield: Can the Left Learn to Love ISIS?

If the left could serve the Soviet Union, who is to say that it won’t learn to love ISIS?

Daniel Greenfield: Protecting Ourselves From the Next Peaceful Massacre

It's vital that we prevent the next attack and the next massacre by closing the doors and keeping our country safe.

Daniel Greenfield: A Date That Will Live Forever in Infamy

Daniel Greenfield writes about December 8, 1941 and the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Daniel Greenfield: Everything’s Fine Until the Bombs Go Off

Daniel Greenfield: If Obama & Kerry bring tens of thousands of Syrian migrants to America, the next brutal massacre might happen in one of our cities.

Daniel Greenfield: Syrians are a Terror Threat, Here are the Numbers

Let’s take in the real Christian & Yazidi refugees & let the fake Sunni Muslim refugees (aka Syrians) & terrorist supporters stay in their own countries.

Daniel Greenfield: Being Thankful for the Left

We should be thankful for the left, its assaults on us are teaching us how to fight and its plots against our freedom are teaching us how to be free.

Daniel Greenfield: The Poor Murderers

As civilization dwindles, streets darken & savages & their lawyers hunt the night. Murderers become victims & good is invoked in the name of evil.

Daniel Greenfield: Obama Wants to Defeat America, Not ISIS

Obama does not have a strategy for defeating ISIS. He has a strategy for defeating America.

Daniel Greenfield: Crymobs, Crybullying and the Left’s Whiny War on Speech

Daniel Greenfield: The crybully embodies the left. A self-righteous hypocrite. A civil rights activist who wants to take everyone’s rights away.

Daniel Greenfield: Why Islam is a Religion of War

In the end, the problem of Islamic violence is the problem of Islam.

Daniel Greenfield: How Obama and Kerry Caused the Stabbing Terror Spree in Israel

Not only did Obama & Kerry fail to do the right thing re. Abbas, but at every turn they managed to make things worse for Israel.

Daniel Greenfield: The War Against the Jewish Trees

Anti-Israel activists are trying to eliminate "Jewish Trees" because how are Muslims supposed to kill the Jews if they keep planting trees to hide behind?

Daniel Greenfield: The Death of the American Welfare State

The violence in Venezuela and the slow death of Detroit give us insights into the coming collapse of the welfare state.

Daniel Greenfield: Violating the Muslim Status Quo

Diplomatic Stockholm syndrome traces back the root cause of Muslim violence not to the Muslim killers, but to anyone who might be guilty of provoking them.

Daniel Greenfield: The Death of Europe

European leaders talk about two things these days; preserving European values by taking in Muslim migrants and integrating Muslim migrants into Europe by getting them to adopt European values. It...

Daniel Greenfield: Merkel’s Muslim Madness

Merkel’s allies claim that she deserves the Nobel Prize. Hitler and Stalin were both nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Daniel Greenfield: Israel Must Deport the PLO

The PLO regime exists for no other reason except to wage war, military, diplomatic and terroristic, against Israel. It must go.

Daniel Greenfield: How Buying Guns for Oppressed Jews Built the American Jewish Establishment

Armed Jews alone would not have stopped the Holocaust, but an armed movement could have secured Israel & evacuated Jews long before it happened.