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Author: Daniel Greenfield

Daniel Greenfield: Divest From Palestine

Divesting from Palestine means pushing politicians to stop funding areas under Palestinian Authority control until terror groups stops financing terrorism.

Daniel Greenfield: A Socialist’s Les Miserable in Venezuela

The popularity of Bernie Sanders is based on the same empty promises of freebies that made Chavez a hit. Venezuela proves how well that works in real life.

Daniel Greenfield: The Right to Happiness is the Antidote to Tyranny

The pursuit of happiness is impossible where tyranny exists. That's the reason America was founded and why we should celebrate this every day.

Daniel Greenfield: Games Overgrown Political Children Play

What we have is a political system in which childish tactics are used to play childish games with adult consequences.

Daniel Greenfield: Obama Caused Orlando.

The Orlando massacre did not happen because of Republicans, or guns but is another example of the consequences of Obama and Hillary’s foreign policy.

Daniel Greenfield: Islamophobia Kills

Islamophobia killed 49 people in Orlando. How many more will it kill next week or next month? How many will it kill in the next decade or the next century?

Daniel Greenfield: Facebook’s War on Free Speech

Daniel Greenfield discusses ’s war on Free Speech, unveiling how Mao’s Red Guard rule social media — and the dark totalitarian future it entails.

Daniel Greenfield: Islam’s Violence is Rooted in Instability

Islam is violent because it’s unstable. Its only tool is violence. Its societies exhaust their limited resources and then invade their neighbors.

Daniel Greenfield: Liberating Our Jerusalem

Jerusalem Day is a reminder of what the real problem is and what the real solution is. Muslim occupation of Israel is the problem.

Daniel Greenfield: The Friend and the Foe

Friend or foe? Obama’s disrespect for veterans and the military is only a symptom of a deeper rot.

Daniel Greenfield: Obama’s Ho Chi Minh Trail

Obama’s real message: We should have adapted some aspects of Communism and learned from our shared values.

Daniel Greenfield: The Palestine Hoax

Palestine is an empty building with nothing in it. It’s a political Potemkin village.

Daniel Greenfield: Only Islam Can Save Us From Islam

Either we can hope that Islam will save us from Islam or we can try to protect ourselves & our lives & our freedoms from Islam.

Daniel Greenfield: The Trouble With Facebook

doesn’t want to know what you think. It wants to tell you what to think. And it wants to do it while pretending that it was your idea all along.

Daniel Greenfield: Our Racist Trees

Mickey Fearn, the National Park Service Deputy Director for Communications and Community Assistance, made headlines when he claimed that black people don’t visit national parks because they...

Daniel Greenfield: Insane Muslim Terrorists

The Muslim world has fundamentally different social norms than we do. And that means very different concepts of sanity.

Daniel Greenfield: Who Can Count the Dust of Jacob

"Who can count the dust of Jacob or number the seed of Israel." Numbers 23:10

Daniel Greenfield: The Betrayal of the USS Cole

The valorous dead of the USS Cole have been betrayed too many times to count by each administration.