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Author: Daniel Greenfield

Daniel Greenfield: From Slavery to Freedom

Surrounded by willing slaves who preach the creed of slavery, we must speak for freedom.

Daniel Greenfield: It’s Time for a Palestinian State

A Palestinian state has never existed during any period in human history. Let’s change that.

Daniel Greenfield: In the City of the Decadents

America is growing decadent. And decadent civilizations fall to barbarians.

Daniel Greenfield: Islam is Colonialism, Palestine is Colonialism

Muslims invaded, conquered and settled Israel. They forced their language and laws on the population. That's the definition of colonialism.

Daniel Greenfield: How Bernie Sanders Sold His Soul to the Left

Bernie Sanders sold his soul to be an authentic leftist. Souls are the price of membership in the left.

Daniel Greenfield: Castro’s American Victims

After Castro provided aid and comfort to left-wing American terrorists, the American left is finally in a position to bail out the Castros.

Daniel Greenfield: Surrendering to ISIS is the Only Way to Defeat It

ISIS is not trying to be counterintuitive. It’s fighting to win. And our leaders are fighting as hard as they can to lose.

Daniel Greenfield: Only A Clinton

Since the nineties the Clintons have continued spewing outrageous lies and ridiculous ploys that only a Clinton could get away with.

Daniel Greenfield: Islamic Terrorism Is Over If You Want It

Islamic terrorism is over if you want it. We have the power and the skill to end it at any time. What we lack is the faith that we are worth fighting for.

Daniel Greenfield: Youmerica

Daniel Greenfield: We can choose to rebuild a social compact, a moral society that can undo the damage that has been done. Or we can let it all go.

Daniel Greenfield: Activism U and the End of Education

The activist model would not only eliminate intellectual diversity, it would eliminate education.

Daniel Greenfield: How US Taxpayers Funded the Murder of an Iraq Vet in Israel

Daniel Greenfield says it's time for the US to stop funding terrorists.

Daniel Greenfield: #FeeltheBreadLine

Forget #FeeltheBern, try #FeeltheBread.

Daniel Greenfield: Smartly Stupid

Daniel Greenfield: "Real intelligence is the product of constant debate. It is not easy or simple. It is a collision, not a consensus."

Daniel Greenfield: Everyone Except Hillary is Racist and Sexist

Hillary Clinton is the most powerful and the most admired woman in America who claims that everything is unfair and that everyone is prejudiced against her.

Daniel Greenfield: Bernie Sanders Is Not a Jew

Bernie Sanders makes common cause with anti-Semites because Jews don’t matter to him, only the agenda of the left does.

Daniel Greenfield: Obama’s Empty Judicial Chairs

Now Obama pleads with Republicans to put country ahead of party even while he schemes to once again find a way to put party ahead of country.

Daniel Greenfield: Immigration or an iPhone

The only way to protect our lives and our freedoms from Muslim terrorism and its consequences is by shutting down Muslim immigration.