Author: Carolyn Elkins

Rumors Abound- Could Local Man Who Was Executed, Be Messiah?

(AD Press), Judea Jerusalem was crowded this past week with Passover, but the main focus of residents and visitors alike are the mysterious events which surround the execution of the...

Accounts of “Angelic Visions” and Child Born in Stable Cause Stir in Local Judean Town

Witnesses report strange circumstances surrounding the birth of a child in the small town of Bethlehem.

“What They Don’t Teach You in Deer River”: Interview with Navy Veteran Author Julia A. Maki

I hear them coming.  I jump up and run out into the middle of the yard. From the sound, I scan the sky fast enough to see the two F-16s appear in the sky just across field.  I shield my eyes a...

WHY Is the Media Ignoring Worldwide Persecution and Slaughter of Christians?

“Eighty and six years have I served Christ, nor has He ever done me any harm. How, then, could I blaspheme my King who saved Me?….I bless Thee for deigning me worthy of this day and...

The Benghazi Report, What Did We Expect?

“The most hateful griefs of all human griefs is this, to have knowledge of the truth but no power over the event.” ~Herodotus, The Histories US Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, a former...

Understanding Widowhood

Carolyn Elkins shares what it's like to be a young widow.

Obama & Friends: Leaders of Slogans

Obama and friends are continuously creating new slogans to downplay the dangers of Islam.

Christian Persecution Continues – And the World Turns Away

No more turning away From the weak and the weary No more turning away From the coldness inside Just a world that we all must share It’s not enough just to stand and stare Is it only a dream...

Was Obama’s Nuke Deal Manipulated?

Iran has proven time and time again why they’re considered one of the top terrorist sponsored states yet no one in the Obama administration or our Congress seems to notice.  Or care. It’s not...

Most Don’t Know What They’ve Got, ‘til It’s Gone

Don’t it always seem to go That you don’t know what you’ve got                Til it’s gone They paved paradise And put up a parking lot ~Big Yellow Taxi, Joni Mitchell A...

“Cruz Lies!” Trump Cries

Donald Trump has one excuse for every single loss: Ted Cruz. And he can’t stand it.

U.S. Troops Still Taking Their Lives while Protecting Ours

Our U.S. troops are people who sacrifice much for the rest of us. They need to know we care.

Is Destroying a Legacy In Order To “Make America Great”?

Andrew Breitbart created his website to call out corruption within the mainstream media. What would he think of today?

Rights, Responsibilities and Consequences

Carolyn Elkins defines why rights, responsibilities, and consequences are three words that should always go together.

What Are Christians Who Vote for Trump Really Voting For?

They say politics makes strange bedfellows. It’s also been said that all is fair in love and war. The idea behind that one implies that some areas of life are so important that you can’t blame...

Carolyn Elkins: My Case for Cruz

Carolyn Elkins offers her reasons for supporting Sen. Ted Cruz for president.

Equality Now! Even for the Draft

Women and the draft: Should we or shouldn't we?

Baby Part Sellers, No Charges; Pro Life Activists, Indicted by Grand Jury

Despite being caught red-handed selling baby parts, the guilty are free & the pro life people proving their guilt are indicted. Backwards World.