Author: Brooke McGowan

Town Mayor Violates Constitutional Rights of Citizens Planning 9/11 Rally

Bikers for Trump (Boots on the Ground) and Bikers for America Pennsylvania chapters have attempted to obtain a legal permit for a commemorative 9/11 rally in the small town New Castle,...

Evangelical Leader Flip Benham Talks About His Experience with Donald J. Trump

Join us as a Watchman of the Night on our national prayer call with Rev. Benham and Senator Rick Santorum on Monday, November 7 at 10pm EST.

Hillary Could Never Pass a Real Background Check

Brooke McGowan has been interviewed twice by the FBI and says there is no way Hillary could ever pass one of their background checks--so why would allow her to be president?

The Delegate Snatching Debate Wears On (and VERY Thin)

Donald Trump's accusations of "stealing" delegates has worn impossibly thin. As a reminder, "delegates" are actual "PEOPLE" with minds of their own...

Brooke McGowan: Sick and Tired of Drudge? A GREAT Alternative Has Arrived!

Finally, there is an alternative to the Drudge Report that ignores mainstream media, fringe blogs, and ONLY features links to conservative websites.