Author: Brendon Berger

Hail Caesar: Roman History vs. American Politics

(Authors note: I originally wrote this story immediately after the Orlando Club Attack.  I purposefully sat on it for some time to make sure it wasn’t a knee jerk reaction.  After doing so,...

BRexit: A New Chance to be ‘Special’ Once Again

As is my want I would like to open this piece with a quote, I like doing this because it’s an excellent way for me to set the tone for an article while pirating the prestige and credibility...

The Death Penalty Disconnect

On a constitutional level, is the death penalty itself 'cruel and unusual' punishment? Brendon Berger discusses and shares his ultimate answer.

President Obama: They Just Aren’t That Into You.

Most people know someone who never really left high school, even after they left. It doesn’t matter if it’s the former QB who is STILL reliving that one TD pass into the back corner of the end...

The Dangers of ‘Headline Think’

Brendon Berger defines headline think as creating a core conviction or foundational belief based off of a very small amount of input, or a 'headline'.

Election 2016: The Condottieri Ride Again

Brendon Berger offers a bit of history comparing Italy's Condottieri mercenaries versus today's American political system.

American Politics: Hail Caesar!

Brendon Berger believes if American's aren't careful we may be rendering to Caesar instead...