Author: Dr. Bill Simpson

Memorial Day: A Season for Flags by Dr. Bill Simpson

Dr. Bill Simpson's WWII veteran father taught the importance of flags.

Memorial Day: A Place Called Liberty

On maps today it is known as Liberty Church Road but when I was young everyone knew it as Liberty. It rises up from the Tippah River and skips from ridge to ridge until it reaches Liberty...

Mississippi Dr. Bill Simpson: “Trump is Not the Problem, Merely the Symptom.”

Mississippi Dr. Bill Simpson diagnoses the not-so-surprising win of Donald Trump in his home state.

Obamacare and a Country Doctor’s New Mantra – “I’m Sorry”

Dr. Bill Simpson offers a true story of a rural doctor's nightmares dealing with Obamacare.

Affordable Care? Not For This Doctor.

The math tells Dr. Bill Simpson that he can’t afford the Affordable Care Act.