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Author: Becky Noble

National Media Loses Ferguson Mayoral Race

Poor mainstream media, 2017 just has not been a good year for them. It was bad enough those dim-wit hayseeds in fly-over country elected a racist, sexist, Muslim-hating homophobe like Donald...

America’s Stockholm Syndrome

We can only hope that with the grown-ups back in charge, America will get over its case of Stockholm Syndrome.

Hippie Days Are Here Again

We may as well get used to the smell of patchouli oil and pot smoke, the sound of drumming circles and people dressed as body parts.

Selective Feminism

It is all about the selection process.

The Gospel of the Left: No Christians Need Apply

It has been proven time and again that liberals have no interest in those that wander from their box of progressive group think.

The Great Democrat Divide

Will we ever see a return of civility in American politics, and could a President Trump be the man to help bring it about?

The Left’s Last Stand

This may be the last stand for liberals this election cycle, but don’t expect them to hear the fat lady warming up any time soon.

Journalists Behaving Badly

America’s news media launched an entire separate wing of the Clinton campaign and the Democrat Party. They eagerly fed the nation any and all propaganda thinly described as news whenever it was...

Republicans: Is The Party Over?

The shaking up of the Republican Party and even conservatism in general will not end on Nov 9, quite the opposite, the real upheaval begins on that day.

Election Divisiveness 2016: Why Can’t We Be Friends?

There is an old saying about the two things one does not discuss at family functions and polite dinner parties. Those two verboten topics are religion and politics. But in an election cycle the...

When Oil, Water, and Tradition Don’t Mix

Even the most patriotic Americans will be the first to admit that America is not perfect. Perhaps the best explanation for this is the fact that America is made up of imperfect human beings....

Showbiz vs. Politics: When You and Your Favorites Don’t Agree

People who make their living in the arts have always been seen as the ones who don’t follow the crowd. Being hip and cool is usually not at the top of their priority list. It is what makes them...

Hillary Clinton vs. Ryan Lochte: Whose Lies are OK?

Since the beginning of most civilized societies, lying has never been looked on as a virtue. We teach our children that it is wrong to lie. Usually when we are lied to, we no longer trust the...

Donald Trump: Could Not Being “Nice” Get Him Elected?

In an election cycle where it seems that the main gripe of American voters is they are tired of the same old politicians saying and doing the same old things, one thing is certain. Love him or...

Being Above the Law in America

One of the many beautiful things about America is that the law of the land is just that. No matter if you are the CEO of a million dollar company down to the janitor at that million dollar...

An Unexpected American Role Model

Becky Noble introduces you to a really good, albeit unexpected, role model: Deshauna Barber, Miss USA 2016.

The New Feminism?    

For anyone old enough to remember 1970’s cigarette ads, Virginia Slims were marketed as a “woman’s” cigarette. Their catch phrase, “You’ve come a long way baby”. No one is advocating lighting up...

Hillary 101: A Review for Millennials and Republicans

To Millennials from a Millennial--a reminder of exactly who Hillary Clinton really is.