Author: AlfonZo Rachel

AlfonZo Rachel, LTC Allen West: A Discussion About Black History Month

“In the Zo Loft” with host (and one of our very first PolitiDudes), AlfonZo Rachel, talking to another of our favorite PolitiDudes  LTC Allen West and actress Tracy Lindsey Melchior...

AlfonZo Rachel: Explaining Black Loyalty to Democrat Party

This video is one of AlfonZo Rachel’s very best, when in 2010 Zo explained why there is such a deep loyalty to all-things-Democrat, despite the slavery-based history of the party they are...

AlfonZo Rachel Re. 10 Commandments in Arkansas: Michael Reed is a Bad Driver

Michael Reed appears to hate the ten commandments cause they were written by some thing called “God” or something. Well the rules of the road weren’t written by God per say. So...

AlfonZo Rachel: Removing Jefferson Davis – Democrats Deleting Their History

Let’s look at the heritage and history of the confederate battle flag. The confederacy was represented by the Democrat party who wanted to keep slavery legal. They wanted to keep it legal so...

AlfonZo Rachel: Nancy Pelosi Poo Poo’s Ben Carson

Nancy Pelosi says Ben Carson is “disturbingly unqualified” to be the Director of HUD. AlfonZo Rachel disagrees. Strongly.

AlfonZo Rachel: Pizza, Pasta, and Nasty Pederasty

Could Podesta be the Pizza man in the midst of #Pizzagate?

AlfonZo Rachel: Anger Over Trump Win – Democrats Confusing Anger for Love

If Democrats love the 1st amendment so much, why aren’t they abiding by the clause to peaceably protest? If they swear that war is not the answer why are they being so hostile?

AlfonZo Rachel’s New Twilight Zone-Based WebTV Series, “Sinisturbia”

AlfonZo Rachel and friends have created a new webTV series called ‘Sinisturbia’ based on The Twilight Zone and Tales From the Darkside.  AlfonZo says Sinisturbia is a...

AlfonZo Rachel: My Observations on the Trump/Clinton Debate

Yeah, the bottom line is I still don’t want Hillary, her policies, and her world view occupying the White House.

AlfonZo Rachel: With Obama, #BlackLivesMatter Don’t Matter. Votes Do.

Apparently what matters to Obama is not being insulted. What matters to Obama is himself. What matters to Obama that black people stay in line with the party that keeps them brained chained to...

AlfonZo Rachel: Oppression Sells Itself

My observations and analogy on how people cry out for freedom but embrace oppression. If you agree and want to support messaging like this please contribute at Please Like...

AlfonZo Rachel: Colin Kaepernick’s Self-Righteous Sit-Out

AlfonZo Rachel examines Colin Kaepernick’s self righteous sit out during the national Anthem.

AlfonZo Rachel: Obama’s Police Hating BLM Aren’t Like MLK, More Like KKK

Michelle Obama has said blacks should vote democrat, and Barack tips his hat to BLM, But BLM are just becoming an intimidation arm of the democrat party the same as the KKK were, and they are...

AlfonZo Rachel: Hillary Clinton, A Picture of “White Privilege”

What those poor 'white privilege' Leftists fail to see is that the epitome of 'white privilege' is their creaky old cheerleader, Hillary Clinton.

AlfonZo Rachel: Observations on the Orlando Shooter (aka Islamic Terrorists)

AlfonZo "Zo" Rachel breaks down the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack.

AlfonZo Rachel: Harriet Tubman, Republican Icon for the Money

Harriet Tubman was a gun carrying God fearing Christian woman, perfect to replace Democrat Andrew Jackson.