Author: Abigail Adams

Do Sixth Graders Have a “Safe Space” at School?

Today college students are demanding (and receiving) a declared “safe space” where they can go to be “safe” from what they deem to be offensive talk.  To be clear, this is not about vulgarity or...

The Real War is on Freedom and Liberty

The real War is on our Freedom and Liberty.

To the Non-Voters Among Us

Abigail Adams offers a reminder to all the voters who refuse to vote.

Life and Death According to Our Worldview

Our choices regarding everything from life to death are directly related to our worldview. Abigail Adams recently faced this head-on.

A Hand Up or a Hand Out?

We do the poor the best service by giving them a hand up, not a hand out. Unfortunately most in government believe the opposite.

Redstate Gathering/Political Correctness: Self-Righteous Indignation At Its Worst

Abigail Adams says the Redstate Gathering 'succumbed to political correctness' when they uninvited Donald Trump to speak.

Does Freedom of Choice Not Apply to Conservatives?

Bakery owners were fined for refusing to bake a cake & were instructed not to speak about it. Is Freedom of Choice not an option for conservatives?

Are the Ten Commandments Really “Judeo-Christian”?

The Ten Commandments are a code of good behavior telling us to behave decently toward each other in this world. Do only Judeo-Christians believe this?

The Truth About Race

Regarding the quote from President Obama stating that “Society Needs to Deal Honestly with Issues of Race.”

Striving for The Standard: The Value of Personal Achievement

A standard is a fixed level of attainment or achievement. It is stationary and neither wavers nor moves.  America has no balanced budget, nobody in our government is being held accountable, more...

Is Gov. Scott Walker America’s Sir Winston Churchill?

Amazing, extraordinary, sensational, and unbelievable are just a few of the words that describe Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. He became involved in politics in the early 90s serving in the...

Human Trafficking On Steroids

Human Trafficking: organized criminal activity in which human beings are treated as possessions to be controlled and exploited. (Merriam-Webster)   Our Federal Government led by the President of...

Left Tries to Smear Gov. Scott Walker (but They Are Guilty of Their Own Charges)

Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is running for reelection this year, and the mainstream media has brought in all of their power against him by accusing him of “nationwide effort to mobilize a...

EPA: Does Democrat Flatulence Hurt the Environment, Too?

President Obama and his nanny state EPA are compelled and determined to control every aspect of every thing and everybody’s life. From condemning the consumption of real butter, whole milk,...

Unconscionable Act of Treachery Committed by our President

In July 1973, John Paul Getty III was kidnapped in Rome; ransom of $17 million was demanded for John Paul’s safe return.   John Paul was a grandson of Jean Paul Getty III who, at that time, was...

Eric Holder’s People

The more I read and learn about Attorney General Eric Holder, the more questions I have, but there is one question in particular that is most puzzling of all. When the New Black Panthers stood...

Do We Love Our Country More Than We Fear Our Government?

Speechless. That is my reaction when I listen to the news this week. The rage in the news this week is all about Michelle’s hashtag campaign to free the kidnapped Nigerian girls,  whether brain...

Time To Be Offended That Some Are So Offended By Our Rights

Here we go again.  This afternoon while waiting to pick up one of my grandsons, I stopped by my favorite place for a relaxing cup of tea.  This is a very well-known sandwich/salad/coffee/tea...