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Ann-Marie and Morgan backstage after opening for then-candidate Donald Trump in Nashville, 2016.

As a protégée of Andrew Breitbart, native Texan and former actress Ann-Marie Murrellwas one of the pioneers of the Citizen Journalism movement. After covering political and red carpet events throughout California, Ann-Marie helped create the very first conservative webTV talk show in history, The PolitiChicks. In 2014 she was a panelist with Kellyanne Conway at a National Security Summit in DC and she is a Fellow of the America Freedom Alliance.

Ann-Marie’s co-host and now the co-owner of PolitiChicks is film and television star Morgan Brittany. Morgan has been a film, stage, and television star since the age of five when she appeared in two Alfred Hitchcock films, The Birds and Marny.  She played ‘Baby June’ in Gypsystarring Natalie Wood and Roslyn Russell, and was one of Henry Fonda’s daughters in Yours, Mine, and Ours (also starring Lucille Ball).  Morgan appeared in 3 episodes of The Twilight Zone, was Opie Taylor’s first girlfriend on the Andy Griffith Show, and later she gained worldwide fame as Katherine Wentworthon ABC’s ‘Dallas.’

Together, Ann-Marie and Morgan began covering political events across the nation. They have co-written two bestselling books, appeared on countless television shows together, and in 2015 they even opened for then-candidate Donald Trump in Nashville during the presidential primaries.

Almost a decade later, The PolitiChicks are still going strong. Many of Ann-Marie and Morgan’s discoveries have gone on to great success. Two first-time writers are now editors for Townhall and Twitchy. Three former PolitiChicks are successful authors. One now works in the Defense Department, and after a thorough interview from the Secret Service, one former PolitiChick now works in the White House for the Trump Administration!

Morgan and Ann-Marie continue speaking across the United States and are proud to represent their brand, PolitiChicks, on radio and television.

PolitiChicks.com understands that freedom and liberty must be maintained and protected with vigilance and with the constant support of the American people. Without that vigilance, tyranny moves in. We refuse to allow that to happen on our watch.

In the Media

Here is a sampling of The PolitiChicks television appearances:

Fox and Friends 2017

One America with Liz Wheeler

Fox and Friends 2014

Good Day DC

Good Morning Carolina

Netherlands Nieuwsuur NOS TV

Newsmax America Talks Live

Lou Dobbs

South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention, 2016

Mike Huckabee Show, FOX News


Dr. Phil Show

Newsmax MidPoint

The Glazov Gang

One America’s Rick Amato Show, guest hosted by Ann-Marie Murrell

National Security Action Summit in DC (Ann-Marie Murrell interviewed just before speaking on a panel with Kellyanne Conway, moderated by Frank Gaffney)


Whatever it Takes with Curt Schilling, Breitbart Radio on Sirius XM

CBS Radio Philadelphia, The Chris Stigall Show

Breitbart News Daily with article about The PolitiChicks

The Exceptional Conservative Show

Money Talk with Melanie

The Conservative Cartel

Raeford Brown and Thunder Country Morning Show

Unite IE Radio

The Real Side with Joe Messina

The Dennis Prager Show (Sarah Palin calls in to talk to talk about What Women Really Want!)

PolitiChicks Interviews

Nick Adams

Sharron Angle

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Paul Babeu

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, 1

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, 2

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, 3

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, 4

Steve Bannon, 1

Steve Bannon, 2

Steve Bannon, 3

Dan Bongino, 1

Dan Bongino, 2

Pat Boone

Deneen Borelli

Carl Boyd, Jr.

Krista Branch

Dave Bray

Congressman Jim Bridensteen

Andrew Breitbart

Josh Brewster

Rev. C.L. Bryant

Herman Cain, 1

Herman Cain, 2

Dr. Ben Carson

Ann Coulter

Sen. Ted Cruz

Ken Cuccinelli, 1

Ken Cuccinelli, 2

Nonie Darwish

Kira Davis

Ari David

Senator Jim DeMint

Bo Derek

Tim Donnelly, 1

Tim Donnelly, 2

Dinesh D’Souza

Larry Elder, 1

Larry Elder, 2

Larry Elder, 3

Mallory Factor

Bosch Fawstin

Frank Gaffney, 1

Frank Gaffney, 2

Frank Gaffney, 3

Frank Gaffney, 4

Pamela Geller

Lela Gilbert

Dr. Jamie Glazov

Congressman Louie Gohmert, 1

Congressman Louie Gohmert, 2

Congressman Louie Gohmert, 3

Eric Galub

Alan Gottlieb

Gary Graham, 1

Gary Graham, 2

Fred Grandy

Larry Greenfield

Hadley Heath

Hugh Hewett

Basil Hoffman, 1

Basil Hoffman, 2

Rebecca Holden

David Horowitz

Gov. Mike Huckabee

Amanda Hughes

Kevin Jackson

Senator Ron Johnson

Sonnie Johnson

Tony Katz

Matt Kibbe

Dr. Alveda King

Congressman Steve King

Charlie Kirk

Andrew Klavan

Luke Livingston

John Lott

Trevor Loudon, 1

Trevor Loudon, 2

Trevor Loudon, 3

Andrew Marcus

Jennybeth Martin

Jim Martin

Andrew C. McCarthy

Paul McKinley

Anita Montcrief

Penny Young Nance

Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek)

Katie Pavlich

Dr. Amy Piekoff

Daniel Pipes, 1

Daniel Pipes, 2

Joel Pollak

Eric Porvasnik

Dennis Prager

AlfonZo Rachel, 1

AlfonZo Rachel, 2

AlfonZo Rachel, 3

AlfonZo Rachel, 4

Ralph Reed, 1

Ralph Reed, 2

James Patrick Riley, 1

James Patrick Riley

Dee Rock

Marvin Rogers

Evan Sayet, 1

Evan Sayet, 2

Evan Sayet, 3

Evan Sayet, 4

Sonja Schmidt

Rob Schneider

Nick Searcy, 1

Nick Searcy

Ben Shapiro

Dr. Karen Siegemund

David Simpson

Glo Smith

Kcarl Smith

John Solomon

Kevin Sorbo

Sam Sorbo

Robert Spencer

Senator Pat Toomey

Congressman Mike Turner

Gov. Scott Walker

Michael Walsh

David Webb

Lt. Col. Allen West, 1

Lt. Col. Allen West, 2

Lt. Col. Allen West, 2

Bill Whittle, 1

Bill Whittle, 2

Bill Whittle, 3

Bill Whittle, Stephen Green, and Scott Ott

Geert Wilders

Dr. Milton Wolf

Beverly Zaslow


East Valley Republican Women Federated, 2015

Unite IE Conservative Convention, 2015

Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute, 2015

To book The PolitiChicks for speaking events, radio, and television, contact: Rob Lowe at Casting New Lives (CastingNewLives.com) or [email protected]

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