Mary London Szpara: Christmas Day

Unexpected JOY (from Mary London Szpara's book, 'The Loss World')

The birth of the Christ Child
A beautiful event.
I went to midnight mass, just as we had last year
The choir was awful… it was so bad I started to laugh silently, my head down (most appropriate)
Everyone thought I was crying because you weren’t there.
Someone even patted my shoulder.
That made me laugh harder…
(the need to snort was unbearable: but I managed to refrain)
I heard you laugh with me…
in me
My mind flashed with a distinct picture of that glitter of  “trouble” in your eyes.
I heard your voice saying  “Oh God, make them stop!”
I prayed for Joy.
God gave me laughter.
Thanks God
I needed that.

Mary London Szpara

After 20 years in radio, Mary London Szpara hung up her rock and roll DJ and programming stilettos to become a full time voice actor, mimic, audio editor, producer, and executive producer of a syndicated radio show And Then There Was That with Sonny Hollywood Chase. Her writing skills were enhanced over the years as she wrote creative copy for radio ads, and then put pen to paper after the death of her husband and soul-mate. Her book The Loss World (Amazon) has become a stage play The Loss World Monologues and most recently, a short film has just been completed. She has produced 2 metal cd's, Metal Mythos Vol 1 & 2, and continues to work with musicians on a regular basis.

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