Mary London Szpara: Midsummer Musing

An Ode to Summer

Dust crystals dance in a sunbeam stream
Bird songs drift through an open window
An empty chair rocks in a quiet breeze
Ice slowly melts in sweet ice tea
Pine straw strewn in mounds ‘neath the trees
Blooms exploding in a Van Gogh dream
Now dusk sneaks in, the shadows creep forward
Raccoons and possums forage and steal
The woods have awoken, deer families emerge
A yip and a howl, A coyote cry heard
The screech of an owl, rabbits freeze and ears twitch
Tree frogs serenade, tenor tones out of tune.
Hank’s whippoorwill is heard far back in tall grasses
Up overhead the celestial sky show, the planets align

It’s midsummer.
Life is good

Mary London Szpara

After 20 years in radio, Mary London Szpara hung up her rock and roll DJ and programming stilettos to become a full time voice actor, mimic, audio editor, producer, and executive producer of a syndicated radio show And Then There Was That with Sonny Hollywood Chase. Her writing skills were enhanced over the years as she wrote creative copy for radio ads, and then put pen to paper after the death of her husband and soul-mate. Her book The Loss World (Amazon) has become a stage play The Loss World Monologues and most recently, a short film has just been completed. She has produced 2 metal cd's, Metal Mythos Vol 1 & 2, and continues to work with musicians on a regular basis.

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