Dale Parker: Is America Becoming Pre-Magna Carta England?

What Lack Ye, Jack?

The structure of pre-Magna Carta England and the type of government our nation is rapidly spiraling downward into are in many ways alarmingly similar. England was ruled by elites. You were either born into or in rare instances were married into this class. At the top of this privileged class a tyrant reigned. The rest of the country, those numerous less fortunate souls, were forced into subjugation from birth and were made to understand that their lot in life was to pamper and prosper the ruling class. A standing army and regiment of tax collectors and thugs stood ready to enforce the dictates of the wealthy. As a merchant or surf you owned nothing the elites could not claim, and woe unto you if failed to show a ready and happy acceptance.

If we look into an account of King John from the British Library, we can read that “John was treacherous, tyrannous, cowardly and cruel. He betrayed his elder brother, Richard the Lionheart, by trying to usurp the throne while Richard was on crusade. He extorted more money from his English subjects than any king since the Norman Conquest.”

Sound familiar? It’s like we have woke up to find ourselves characters in some sort of parody of those medieval times. The real tragedy in this play is that we have so easily allowed ourselves to be robbed and ravaged when we had been given freedom and prosperity by Almighty God and the sacrifices of men and women more worthy than this generation. Those rights are not owned unless you have the strength of character and guts to claim them and the willingness to fight for them, come what may.

Thomas Costain’s book, “Below the Salt”, was a fictional novel about the events that led up to the signing of the Magna Carta. John was portrayed in it as the villain that he was, surrounded by a fawning and corrupt court. In the book his subjects called him “Jack Lack”, a reference to his lecherous lack of character, empathy, and intelligence. If you were born into the lower class or “below the salt”, your only form of rebuttal might be referring to the usurper as “Jack Lack” in hushed conversation. Any open redress could lead to imprisonment, torture, or a not so quick death.

Behold, the double standard of justice now being administered by the lackeys in charge of the DOJ and the Treasury Dept.

Behold, the fines, imprisonment, even death of those who dare to oppose this regime and its agenda.

Behold, the privilege of being granted what amounts to immunity from prosecution or accountability, for any and all crimes, by members of the King’s court.

Behold, the lechery, the treachery, even treason of the ruler and his Princeling and of those in his army and train.

What is next? Possibly a “Droit du seigneur”?

Our question for this administration might be, “What Lack ye Jack?”

Dale Parker

Dale Parker grew up mostly in western Colorado where his father farmed and worked in construction and timber. Dale started working with his father at an early age. As a young man he was employed by a global equipment manufacturing company as a service representative and engineering technician. When an opportunity provided employment on the North Slope of Alaska he moved to Fairbanks with his family. He worked in Alaska for a number of years and then moved back with his family to Colorado where they lived on a small farm and raised Black Angus seed stock. He worked for a drilling company moving large oil and geothermal rigs across several western states and operated a machine shop on the side. After participating in the Exxon-Valdez and UMPTRA cleanups he worked as a law enforcement officer and a Colorado State Water Commissioner. He loves to spend time with his wife of over 40 years and their grandchildren. Fellowship, fishing, hunting, and teaching the grandchildren to shoot fills in spare time (Dale shot “across the course” back when he could still see the iron sights on his service rifle and was one match short of his high master qualification when he stopped competing).

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