Mary London Szpara: Welcome Hope 

I kneel in my garden.  Not to pray, at least perhaps not at this moment, but to gaze at the miraculous soil in my hands.

The nose determines the quality of the humus and a deep breath confirms its worthiness.  Releasing the incredible loam to trickle through fingers then land in a mound on the earth is affirmation of organisms at work.  Imbued with a fragrance all its own, hints of decayed leaves from autumn past, the detritus now provides nourishment for the seeds, bulbs and emerging life that will be entrusted to it.

In the air a scant scent of the daffodil that powered its way through the once frozen ground radiates light in the landscape.

Perfume that is most accurately defined as ‘green essence ’ is carried on the wind along with birdsong loudly proclaiming the earth has awakened from winter slumber.

That joyful noise heralds in the new season with raucous abandon. Chickadee, cardinal, robin all sing the music of rebirth. Feeders are filled with every winged variety as they gorge themselves on the buffet provided

A blue Jay screeches through the backyard. A mockingbird, not detered by its smaller size, dive bombs the jay for entering into its nesting territory.

A tiny wren has discovered the grapevine wreath hung outside the living room window. Twig, string and hair are already beginning to be woven together to create a nest. Dog hair from beloved pets were saved and left for the wren to construct a cozy fine haven for future eggs to be laid, hatched and thrive within sight in coming days, weeks and months.

A shimmer of iridescent ruby and green darts across the porch as the first hummingbird arrives seeking its jar of nectar. They too are looking forward to what will come.

Saucer magnolia and camellia spent blooms already decorate the ground with their water colored pale pinks, vibrant purple and glowing red petals and flower heads.

The grass, wild garlic and fresh green leaves have begun to emerge.

Azalea buds remain tight, yet fat, promising a glorious display of white, pink, coral, fushia, red, purple and yellow in the coming month.

Redbuds. Purple plums and cherry blossoms, quince and Bradford  pear are competing for attention.

Soon the dogwood blooms will be bleached in the sun, graceful limbs reaching to embrace the magnificence of the season

Lentin roses continue to flower and ever expand their growing area, the subtle hued blooms soon to be replaced by new large leaves that will engulf the shaded bed.

I reach for a Kleenex and antihistamine as the inevitable sneeze threatens   I will not let it ruin my joy

It is spring.

Life is stirring throughout the garden…welcoming hope into the world …

Mary London Szpara

After 20 years in radio, Mary London Szpara hung up her rock and roll DJ and programming stilettos to become a full time voice actor, mimic, audio editor, producer, and executive producer of a syndicated radio show And Then There Was That with Sonny Hollywood Chase. Her writing skills were enhanced over the years as she wrote creative copy for radio ads, and then put pen to paper after the death of her husband and soul-mate. Her book The Loss World (Amazon) has become a stage play The Loss World Monologues and most recently, a short film has just been completed. She has produced 2 metal cd's, Metal Mythos Vol 1 & 2, and continues to work with musicians on a regular basis.

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