When Trying to Take Our Liberty and Give Us Death…

Gun rights in this country are under attack, once again. Criminals are allowed to have their freedom, but men women and children still are in fear while carnage insurgents create a purge on society.

The Second Amendment was ratified on December 15, 1791, and since that day solidified one of Americans` most fundamental rights – the right to keep and bear arms. So, what does the Amendment mean in simple terms? “The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home.”

The very essence of the Second Amendment is a guarantee that every American citizen has a right to arm themselves, and the Government has no way to infringe on that right. In other words, it guarantees us freedom and independence, the matters that underpin us as a state and a Nation. Fundamentally it is our birth right pledged under the Constitution and has always been a target of the left-leaning bureaucrats. “The right to dissent is marked intricately in the Second Amendment.” (“Second Amendment: Representing Freedom and Liberty for All”) It provides Americans with a sense of liberty to voice their distrust of tyranny. It gives citizens hope in keeping autocratic decisions at bay. These facts do not take away the key tenet of responsibility that this right demands from its beneficiaries either. It is important to note that a ban on arms will not spell the end of violence – other methods are key in dismantling the system of destruction that people often resort to in cases where there have been outbreaks of violence to control the masses under these politicians who need power. Instances of mass shootings can be prevented but will never be eliminated. The cause of such mayhem must be countered and brought down. But that does not translate to methods antagonistic to the Second Amendment.

Our Founding Fathers devised this freedom to safeguard our right to choose, protect and protest when things turn murkier than they ever should. It was never meant to wreak havoc. Therefore, the focus should be on reading the Second Amendment for what it is rather than distorting it to fit a politician’s political narrative.

The primary target for reversing pugnacious tendencies in a society should rest on defining the moral and ethical standards of humanity. With people inclining further towards what is morally right and finding the wrongs, it would be possible to put a curb on the destructive urge. This conditioning should begin with early education. Concepts that rely on moral and ethical values should be inculcated in growing children, not for the sake of it but for it to be held onto for the rest of their lives. However, this must not be confused with the arbitrary outlining of what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong.’ Relative validity matters here as well.

Teaching children what is morally acceptable while making sure this is not an arbitrary affirmation of closed thinking is necessary to wage a war against the outbreak of violence. These are solutions that run deep and require an overwhelming effort to be propelled into fruition. Therefore, the immediate demand that people often fall back on is the removal of the Second Amendment from the Constitution. But that can never be the long-term solution. It takes away the core central ideas of liberty and freedom. “If you turn back on one right, the others too will follow suit.”  Leftists only seem interested in a much-preferred favorite and easy target blame the NRA and “gun control rights. They have turned the gun debate into a “moral push” even though we should be able to find bipartisan and reasonable solutions.

Nevertheless, just like many other rights and liberties, this one is being jeopardized particularly harshly. After facing a powerful pushback trying to restrict our rights for assembly, movement, and even expression, turn the education system inside out, and polarize the society on every Constitutional 2nd Amendment, the socialists, Democrats, and RINOS of the Republican Party lobby in American Government and they seem to have taken a different approach. It looks like they have decided to take our main way to protect our liberties first and then move to restricting freedoms and imposing their narratives one by one.

Our rights and our freedoms as Americans should never be up for debate. It is our responsibility as Americans to ensure that we do not give up those rights. Because if history teaches us anything it is this if we ever give up our rights and our freedoms, we will never get them back. No matter what we do, no matter how many laws we pass, we will never fully stop evil people from doing evil things. We don’t live in a utopian society.

The reactionary attacks on our Constitution cannot be allowed to go unanswered. Democrats believe that angering Americans results in stark cultural divides between civilians and police, and at worst can provoke more tragedies, and chaos within our country, remember divide and conquer. When the political left begins to cry out that the right is responsible for these weapons, votes will flow to the people who decry the injustices. Of course, this political strategy is not only irresponsible and immoral but also flatly dangerous, particularly since the lockdowns and masks are being reintroduced when naturally, horrible things like that happen, they are spun as evidence of the clear need for “gun control” measures that would strip Americans of their rights.

What is most galling is the rhetoric and the sheer hypocrisy of it. Most of the homicides recently occur at the hands of undocumented immigrants and young gang members flowing into our country, and as such do not fit the necessary political narrative of the Left. Unless, of course, it is time for another round of calls for gun control; then and only then are these killings put on parade, then, those lives seem to matter. The calls for gun control themselves, like most leftist ideas, seem superficially reasonable. We had a horrific shooting, so let’s make guns harder to get. That makes sense, right? Frankly, no, it does not – and here is why.

When you talk about “making guns harder to get”, you’re leaving off the most important part at the end: “for law-abiding Americans.” Perpetrators of mass shootings do not care about getting their guns through proper channels. They’re happy to get them illegally, just like they apparently are happy to commit murder illegally. All that most “gun control” measures can do is make it so that people who respect the law will be unarmed when these volatile and dangerous monsters show up, guns blazing.

So, what CAN we do? Well, let’s start by not turning a blind eye.

“When the administration and President Joe Biden campaigned on the promise to enact pro-criminal policies like no-cash bail, George Soros, a gun-hating, soft-on-crime extremist, saw a major opportunity. On the coattails of the Biden campaign, Soros went to work successfully funding the election of dozens of radical district attorneys across the country. There are now 75 Soros-backed DAs overseeing half of America’s 50 most populous cities. They are an astounding one-in-five Americans, and their jurisdictions account for more than 40% of our nation’s murders. In a short time, they’ve transformed our major cities into war zones -Soros-backed, Los Angeles DA George Gascon took office in 2020, and he immediately made radical, pro-criminal changes to prosecution rules, getting rid of sentence enhancements for violent gangs and criminals who commit crimes with guns. The murder rate in LA is up more than 50% since 2019, the year before Gascon took office. Violent robberies are up 60%. Additionally, the citizens of San Francisco voted overwhelmingly to recall Soros-backed DA Chesa Boudin. In a little over two years in office, Boudin’s policies have all but destroyed life in the Golden City. Today both Gascon and Boudin have been on a recall list – Boudin was recalled.”

Defending Our Freedoms is not “a declaration of war against the entire civilized world”. It is not about race. We are all just Americans, fighting for the right to be free under Our Constitution.

The rhetoric of defunding the police found itself under tremendous pressure. People who were as motivated as ever to protect their families and homes have suddenly become a target for aggressive political propaganda that is trying to put the blood of the innocent on the only hands capable of preventing violence in the future. As we have already seen it happening with the reemergence of mandates in advance of our 2022 election and the long-awaited return of Supreme Court of the United States.

The tragedies in this country during the worldwide economic downturn instigated by globalists have reignited fervent gun control debates across the nation, particularly in relation to the availability of semi-automatic assault weapons, which have been involved in most shootings in the U.S. in recent years. We must wonder why politicians choose to blame guns when things go awry, do they blame electric vehicles when a person is inebriated and kills several bystanders with that vehicle, no.

At the same time, The Second Amendment and its guarantees seem to be most relevant and important today. While the rate of unemployment, homelessness, and therefore crime grows tremendously under the current Administration and the “police defunding” calls and practices leave people defenseless against it, your individual right to keep and bear arms might be the only thing that prevents your family from joining the gruesome statistics of violence and crime victims.

While the people stay speechless in the face of irrational hysteria, the Biden administration proposes an “ingenious” idea of making the guns particularly expensive and hard to get. What may seem like a possible solution, at first sight, is, in fact, an attempt to make self-defense and Americans` fundamental right available only to a very narrow circle of the rich and powerful. As a result, it will only turn most American citizens into a faceless mass that can be molded or disposed of at the whim of those who can afford to stay free and protected.

And while the Supreme Court has recently backed the right to carry guns in public once again and quashed a New York state that required people to show a particular need to get a license to carry a concealed gun in public, New York appointed Governor Kathy Hochuli and Biden himself openly called the decision “shocking” and “disappointing.”

What would you call it if not an admission that the current Administration is trying to deprive us of our birthright guaranteed by the Constitution and the Founding Fathers themselves?

Katherine Daigle

An experienced public servant and a self-made woman, Katherine Daigle combines informed administrative planning with a respect for the dignity and independent working spirit of the American citizen. Firmly believes that the surest path to success is the freedom to the greatest extent possible from government interference because that is what led to her own success. She has served in numerous private and public positions during her distinguished career. The bold spirit that defines her ambitions and accomplishments is conveyed in her personal motto: America First. You can visit her via TRUTHSocial: @katherindaigle17 or FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KatherineDaigleforMayor.IrvineCA/ or Campaign site: www.katherinedaigle.com

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