Emery McClendon: The Fallacy of the Critical Race Theory

No matter how they slice the Critical Race Theory pie, it still comes up molded and rotten in the center.
It is anti-capitalist, un-American, racist, divisive, unnatural, marxist; and it is not based on true history.
It’s time to completely expose it for being wrong and for the culprit that is the anti-civil rights doctrine that demeans Martin Luther King, and the racial strides made in America post 1865.
We’ve come a long ways baby, but CRT wants to snatch a line right out of the movie, The Green Mile: 
“I tried to take it back…”
Yes, they want to take us back to the Jim Crow days, and back to the days of American slavery themselves.  They want us to hate each other because of something that happened in the past, but was fixed. We have not achieved perfection, but America has changed for the better.
They claim that Whites can never be forgiven for past sins, and that people of color deserve “equity.”
Never mind equality, hard work, and the promise of the American Dream.  That’s how we succeed in life. We don’t succeed  by handouts, or taking from one group and distrubting to the fruit of their labor to another.
America will remain strong through unity and by being aggressive in learning. We prosper by achieving new innovations and finding ways to help make a better life for everyone.  We don’t grow by sitting around waiting for others to carry us through life, hating one another, or by depending on the government to punish groups for past wrongs, while rewarding others for doing nothing.
This theory must be rejected, and true history must be taught and cherished.
Only then will we escape the clutches of Socialism and the urge of becoming a nation of losers.
Our Founders were winners, and they had faith in God and their fellow man.
Where is your faith today?
Let’s equip ourselves and those around us with hope, not with despair.  That begins by resisting and defeating this terrible theory, and by striving to make America the best that it can be as we work together.
“FREEDOM And LIBERTY/USEThem Or LOSE Them.” (And Critical Race Theory will guarantee that we lose.)

Emery McClendon

Emery McClendon of Fort Wayne, Indiana, is married to Queenie, they are the parents of three sons. He served in the U.S. Air Force, the Indiana Air Guard, is a former Ft. Wayne Police Reserve Officer, Allen County Sheriff Deputy, and Indiana State Trooper. He is a life member of the DAV. Emery organized Amateur Radio communications for the national Glen Beck Rally For The Troops in 2003, and founded Amateur Radio Military Appreciation Day www.armad.net. After visiting the White House in 2007 he became involved in politics as a speaker, Tea Party Leader, and state coordinator for Tea Party Patriots. He organized the Fort Wayne Tea Party Rally with Dr. Alan Keyes, the keynote speaker. He received the Americans For Prosperity / Rightonline 2010 "Activist Of The Year" award, The Amateur Radio Dayton Hamvention Special Achievement Award, The Madison County Indiana "American" Award, The Indiana Distinguished Hoosier Award; and a U.S. Flag was flown in his honor at Flallugah, Iraq. Recipient 2010 Americans For Prosperity "Activist Of The Year Award" www.armad.net Contact Emery at [email protected].

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