Thank You Letter to President Donald Trump

Dear Mr. President,

Thank you, President Trump, for everything you’ve done over the past four years to put America and Americans first.

We the undersigned, and the 74 million other Americans who know the truth, and voted to re-elect you, thank you.

Thank you for reducing taxes on job creators, and on America’s middle-class families.

Thanks for repealing job killing regulations on business. Thanks, in fact, for all your economic policies that unleashed our economy and allowed it to bloom after 8 years of sluggish stagnation.

Thank you for standing up to politicians who wanted to undermine the physical safety and economic security of America’s citizens by allowing a seemingly endless flood of illegal immigrants. Thank you for building the wall. And thank you for cracking down on those illegal immigrants like the MS-13 gangsters who distributed drugs and terrorized our poorest neighbors.

Thank you Mr. President for standing up for the lives of the unborn. Your appointment of pro-life judges and policies prohibiting American tax dollars being used to promote abortion are greatly appreciated. We are grateful as well that you reigned in federal bureaucrats who persecuted and hounded groups like Little Sisters of the Poor for refusing to provide birth control to nuns.

Thanks too, Mr. President, for doing what every other president in the last 20 years said couldn’t be done, making America energy independent so our foreign policy would no longer be tied to our need for oil, or to nations that hated us and wished for our destruction.

Thanks for pulling the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal even after your predecessor, Barack Obama, and Vice President Joe Biden shipped them more than $150 billion in cash, and allowed them to become one of the world’s biggest sponsors of terror.

Speaking of terrorism, thanks, Mr. President, for killing Abu Baker al-Baghdadi and dismantling the ISIS caliphate that brought so much terror and suffering to so many.

And thank you for ordering the killing of Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian General of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard who engineered the murder of untold numbers of American soldiers, plotted the deaths of innocent Israeli women and children, and directed Iran’s terrorist activities.

You stood strong in the face of massive criticism from progressives for killing Soleimani, but we speak for the thousands of Israelis, Iraqis, Americans, and even Iranians who would certainly have been killed had you not had the courage to eliminate him when you did.

Thank you for being a reliable friend to Israel, our best ally in the Middle-East. And thanks for doing what every other recent president had promised, but never done: moved America’s Embassy to Jerusalem in a show of support for Israel’s right to exist.

Thank you as well for helping broker a historic peace between Israel and so many of her neighbors, another thing previous presidents had failed to achieve.

Thank you, President Trump, for calling out the hypocrisy and double-standards of the corrupt political and media elites who believe they know better than the American people what we should think, what we should be allowed to say, and how we should live.

You not only stood up to the corrupt political establishment in our own country, but you are the first president in more than 30 years to stand up to the politicians of other countries as well — especially our most ardent foe, the Communist Government of China.

You insisted on negotiating a trade package that sought to reign in their predatory practices, currency manipulation, and intellectual property theft. Thank you for doing that.

Thanks as well for bringing to market in record time the vaccines we need to stop the Chinese Communist pandemic that has killed 400,000 Americans and millions of others world wide. There’s little question, were you still our president, you’d be leading the fight to correct the incompetence and inefficiency we’re seeing with the distribution of vaccines mostly in states under Democratic leadership.

Thanks, Mr. President, for taking the U.S. out of the insane Paris Climate Accord that would have cost Americans untold misery, joblessness, and treasure; but allowed other countries to continue polluting. Perhaps it’s contrast enough that on his first day as President, Joe Biden put us back into the Paris Climate Accord.

In fact, it speaks volumes that while you spent 4 years putting Americans first, Joe Biden signed 15 executive orders on his first day that put others first — illegal immigrants, terrorist countries, foreign energy producers, and the China-controlled World Health Organization.

Mr. Biden has already made clear where his sympathies lie, and it is not with those he swore to serve.

Thank you Mr. President for aggressively defending our constitution — with originalist judges, 3 conservative appointments to the Supreme Court, and Executive Department heads that sought to preserve our rights – including our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights.

Thank you for not using federal law enforcement or the Internal Revenue Service to harass and persecute your political opponents, something the Obama Biden Administration did over and over again.

Thank you for promoting policies that led to the lowest unemployment rates ever for blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and women.

Those policies returned hope to more than 10 million people straddling a fragile line between self sufficiency and government dependence by helping them escape government assistance. Your policies also brought huge numbers of people back into the economy who had given up ever finding a job under the Obama-Biden Administration.

Your economic policies also saw incomes for the lowest income earners rise faster than those of the highest earners. For the first time in the last 50 years, the wealth gap finally showed signs of closing due to your leadership. Thanks for that.

Thanks too for everything you did to make the heads of the progressive left spin, and sometimes worse. They will eventually miss you as much as we do.

Mr. President, please pass our regards and our thanks along to our – and your – First Lady, Mrs. Melania Trump. She brought grace, dignity, and reverence to the job and to the White House. She was a stunning example of the enduring values Americans share – faith, family, and love for community – no matter from where those Americans hail. We will miss her.

There are so many more things for which you deserve the gratitude and thanks of every American. As Joe Biden’s Administration reverses your policies and a progressive Congress ladles on laws that hurt out economy, inhibit our freedoms, and cause families to suffer; even more Americans will wish you were still our president than the 74 million of us who voted to re-elect you.

We just wanted you to know, we won’t forget, and we will always be glad we supported you no matter how many insults are hurled at us by progressives and the media.

Thank you Mr. President. We pray you and your family will experience joy in the coming years; and that you will see the blessings of your hard work and manyachievements continue to fall on this amazing country that you, and we, love so much.

Mr. Marsh wrote this letter on behalf of Stars and Stripes Forever PAC in order to give grateful Americans the chance to thank President Trump. You may sign the letter at

Tony Marsh

Tony Marsh owns an agency specializing in strategic communications for companies, associations, and political campaigns. Marsh has worked to elect free-market, center-right candidates in 46 U.S. states and 14 other countries worldwide. His email is [email protected]

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