Gov. Mike Huckabee: Sarah Announces for Governor!

I hope you can watch the attached video of Sarah’s official announcement.  It’s more than her being the first woman to be Governor of Arkansas.  Her kids will never be able to hide from her at the Governor’s Mansion—she grew up there and knows all the neat hiding places!

If the good people of Arkansas elect her, they will have a smart, compassionate, but fearless leader to govern the state.  She will bring passion to ideas of innovation and improvement.  She won’t be a caretaker, but a visionary leader marshalling the best practices for education, infrastructure, personal liberties of the people, free market convictions to lift everyone to better levels of prosperity and opportunity, and commitment to the safety and security of Arkansas families.  She’s unapologetically pro-life by conviction, not convenience.  And as the nation has seen from her days fighting back against the press mob at the White House, she isn’t afraid to stand her ground.  She will take that same fight for the people of Arkansas.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

After you watch the video, I hope you’ll pray for Sarah and her family, and that you’ll contribute generously to her campaign.  She will be fiercely targeted and attacked by the same hateful forces that threw her out of restaurants, screamed at her in public, and spit on her car at her children’s school in DC.  The demonic forces of irrational rage made it necessary for her to be the first White House Press Secretary in history to require Secret Service protection.  Through it all, she remained upbeat, positive, and tenacious.

There’s a link to her announcement video and to her contribution page (see HERE).  I hope you’ll visit both!  Thanks, from a very proud Dad!

The torch has been passed!

Mike Huckabee

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