A Global Social Experiment

Looking at the pandemic, there’s much talk about the physiological problems associated with it. Rate of infection, fatality, risk indicators – these terms, earlier jargon to us, have now crowded all informative spaces and become an everyday necessity to reckon with. Just as much as the #ChinaVirus impacts our immune system, there is, even if you’ve not come in contact with a source, an equally precarious situation connected with the pandemic – It’s how our minds are reacting to all of this. Especially since the Democrats, the far left Governors have relentlessly struck fear into the hearts and minds of every person living within earshot of some political domestic terrorist. The new Biden Administration since becoming president a week ago has made COVID-19 seem to disappear and return the country back to normal? It appears that all of a sudden 5 days after the election Democrat Governors have thrown open the doors to small businesses, its a miracle!

Americans during the last year have lost so much hope, fear of death, it has been a pure psychological terror made by these politicians, we are looking for the truth, this is truly a mental health crisis, brought on by a political war between the extreme far-left world political power and political isolation – loss of mental, spiritual, and emotional – how can you quantify it?

I see this as a global “social experiment in their global reset. The world has become a living, breathing laboratory, with each nation’s population serving as guinea pigs under a variety of geographical, political, and cultural conditions – politics and far-left liberals everywhere claim to be striking just the right balance between their personal political views and the destruction of our Constitutional rights, really?

This undertaking is made much harder when people’s cultural self-understanding includes a strong sense of civil liberties, what has happened to our America? The thoughts of death are everywhere on the fringes of one’s consciousness as you may venture out to the empty streets, only the beasts have returned and have taken up residency.

We watch our family and friends who have died around us. From my perspective, I have not been anywhere – my home is my prison for the last  year, those of us with health conditions are prime candidates along with our grandparents and parents, it takes a toll on your spirit and with policy leaders removing our liberties even to attend a religious service to bring you comfort – you have to realize there is something more to this.

The pandemic has been a great opportunity for fear mongers and disinformation media networks to spin up their stories and get cracking. With a lot of uncertainty looming around the virus and its nature, it becomes rather easy for people to conveniently fill in these gaps and manipulate the commoner’s thinking irrationally. This should be approached with caution. The wave of info-demic, as it’s called, not only lures in false media news related to health but also actively drives divisive elements in the society, be it those that promulgate racism or religious enmity. Not surprisingly, situations of crises often prove to be a blooming space for cultivating communal tensions. We certainly need a whole different kind of immunization against such targeted and divisive attacks.

In twisting the reality and presenting it as one pleases rather than how it ought to be displayed, an underlying feeling against faith is also being played out. However, we shouldn’t be heavily investing our concentration on the divisive politics aided by the mainstream media. For them, it all zeroes down to what would get them more views and not what would benefit the people or inform them for good. This partial and agenda-driven reporting cannot be allowed to go on without checks. But, most of all, we need to be wary of the information we consume.

In today’s society mental health has been, if not a taboo subject, a topic that gets tackled hesitantly. Even today, going for therapy or telling someone that you have a mental health issue, are things that get at least a minor degree of scorn. Stigmatized, the subject remains at bay, not talked about enough – but with artistic mediums like books or perhaps films, even with telehealth  (a conversation once in a while) delving further into this less-traveled territory, there is hope that discourse will be productive.

It is against this tricky backdrop that we’re all now urged by ourselves to analyze the psychological impacts of COVID-19. Months – and now, almost a year – of self-isolation and distancing has led to absolute exhaustion of our strength in our beliefs. We don’t see the people we love, we don’t do the things we love, we don’t visit places we love – there are a lot of things that we’re missing out on, just the pure joy of hugging a child, an embrace with a family member.

Yes, given the danger of the current period, it is understandable that we must distance ourselves from others or at the very least think of moments in our lives when we were just happy. And yes, the digital revolution has indeed made things a little sober – albeit, on a smaller screen, there can be some form of recreation. It’s the time when we’ve all ventured into newfound habits and hobbies – one may never have discovered the artist or the orator or the chef within oneself had this hiatus not been in place. But, it still doesn’t seem wholly okay. If you’re feeling that none of these substitutions sums up to the actual joy of being out there, soaking in normalcy, that’s fine. Missing out on the normal is a painful experience.

But it’s not just the pain of being away from loved ones or from one’s usual work/leisure ambiance that gets the psychological whirlpools ringing. With the pandemic striking all parts of the globe, in an imitation of dominoes falling one after the other, every industry, every job, has been crushed by an unimaginable width. Nothing was ever precedented. There are livelihoods lost, lives lost. Children have stopped going to school altogether because they have found that their state and local politicians with no background in medicine and Dr. Fauci who has forgotten the Hippocratic Oath which for physicians was written specifically to prevent self-interested doctors from harming patients and better serve the present day needs.

These self centered cretens forcing our families to comply with orders of “stay at home or be arrested”  “no more than 6 to a family meal quarantined ” (California #RECALLGAVIN2020 – Governor Newsom attends a party at one of the most expensive restaurants in the state – no mask – taxpayer-funded) (go to www.RecallGavin2020.com ) the power of crushing hope finds families difficult to afford their rent or mortgage, a daily meal maybe bargained with the simple fuel for the family vehicle. A day’s meal suddenly becomes too expensive – even unattainable. The sudden jolt received by such households, especially those that were already balancing on the brink, feels like an iron fist-pounding over their hopes and dreams and it could seem hopeless.

When you lose someone close to you, thoughts don’t grieve as it would have in other circumstances – you can’t even see them one last time. You find yourself thinking, ‘what if the China -COVID19 never happened? Things would have been different then’. Your mind is full of what-ifs like this. At most times, no answer could sate these questions. Death and sickness bear more weight than it ever did in this trying time.

When the government leaders decide who will live and who will die. It outlines who falls within the risk- category, for everybody else it’s a list- a mere list. But, for those who find the terms checked out in their own selves, it becomes a trial. For those putting their lives out in front, caring for the sick, and making them better, there’s unending exhaustion which they overlook because duty calls.

Then the usual suspects stand in line for the vaccine – government leaders and their respective family members, the elitists and their extended family, and anyone else but those that are “at-risk” here in the United States from our President Trump in Operation Warp-speed and the taxpayer who paid for the lifesaving treatment – still almost 2 months and “We The People” wait.  BTW, the NEW Biden administration has already decided who will get the lifesaving treatment. The administration made it clear we should share our vaccine first, you know with China, where I believe that the bioweapon was developed. So, the new U.S. administration and the world’s far-left liberals would have control over the world.

Dr. Francis Boyle, International Bioweapons Expert: “I am not saying that China deliberately released this, shooting itself in the foot. But it was clear they were developing an extremely dangerous unknown biological weapon that had never been seen before, and it leaked out of the lab… I personally believe that until our political leaders come clean with the American people, both at the White House and in Congress and our state government, and publicly admit that this is an extremely dangerous offensive biological warfare weapon that we are dealing with, I do not see that we will be able to confront it and to stop it, let alone defeat it”.

It’s all the more important today to check on those you know, to talk, and to reassure. The government ought to underline the necessity of mental health discourses and bring out a plan of action that will reach out to those in need – and not just reach out, they should be able to guarantee confidentiality.

But, for us as individuals, the most that we can do is be there for our friends, family, those people you encounter every day. Ask them if they are okay, but don’t be interrogative in your ways. These debilitating times require us to be there for others. It’s not the commercial strain of altruism – it’s what you call being human.

Instead, you suffer at the hands of politicians. Or “taking so much of the slings and arrows.”

Katherine Daigle

An experienced public servant and a self-made woman, Katherine Daigle combines informed administrative planning with a respect for the dignity and independent working spirit of the American citizen. Firmly believes that the surest path to success is the freedom to the greatest extent possible from government interference because that is what led to her own success. She has served in numerous private and public positions during her distinguished career. The bold spirit that defines her ambitions and accomplishments is conveyed in her personal motto: America First. You can visit her via TRUTHSocial: @katherindaigle17 or FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/KatherineDaigleforMayor.IrvineCA/ or Campaign site: www.katherinedaigle.com

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