Stuart Kaufman: Never Give Up!

Stuart Kaufman
All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing
/Edmund Burke

I am an inveterate glass-half-full kind of person, but in the past few weeks I have had a difficult time keeping the water in that glass from going down.  The presidential election has truly affected every fiber of my being, despite my efforts to ease my stress and concern about the future of this country.  I have become preoccupied with what will be handed down to my grandsons. I am obsessed with the perfidy of the Democrats. When I see Schumer or Pelosi or Biden or Tlaib or Stacey Abrams or Adam Schiff; the governors of California, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan; or any of the other perpetrators of election theft on the left side of the aisle my inclination has been to throw things. My obsession is real and it has been growing. The net result has been a seriously deleterious effect on my mood and on the gestalt of my existence – – that is, on the way that I view the universe through the filter of my own mind. In other words, I am pissed off!

I have been searching in vain for a way back from this slough of despond, but recapturing my usually sunny disposition has been difficult, at best.… until last Thursday.

Here in Charleston, two friends of mine Andrew Boucher and Gene D’Agostino, have re-instituted a Charleston institution that had gone dark for a time: the Charleston Meeting.  Every month, a speaker (or speakers) of national import comes to Charleston to speak to a group of conservatives who gather to commune with each other without the annoying presence of leftist poltroons. Last Thursday at the Charleston Meeting we heard from Stephen Moore, and he shoved everything right back into proper perspective for me.

You may recall that Stephen Moore is one of those economists (like his frequent collaborator, Arthur Laffer) who are ubiquitous on the political scene.  They seem to be everywhere.  They appear seemingly everywhere to argue against the Keynesians, who believe that the government can and should continue to print money without regard for what is (or is not) behind it. Moore has had an incredible career. Moore co-founded the Club for Growth.  He was a member of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, contributing editor for the National Review, and an economic analyst for Fox News and CNN.  In addition, Moore had served as an advisor to Presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump (when asked about the numerous prestigious positions that he has occupied, he responded that it is evident that he couldn’t hold a job).  Stephen Moore is an individual whose opinion carries some weight.

During his remarks at the Charleston Meeting, Moore brought up Winston Churchill and pointed out that the abortion that was the recent presidential election is nothing more than a chapter; it is not the end of the book.

My head snapped up in immediate attention. I had an epiphany.  This is what turned me around: Moore reminded me that in the general election of 1945, the British electorate turned out the Conservatives and fired Winston Churchill, the man who had brought them victoriously through the Second World War!

Without Churchill, it can be persuasively argued that Great Britain would have succumbed to Adolf Hitler.  Churchill was the indispensable person during the war years who single handedly put the iron in the backbone of the British people.  It is hard to imagine a greater leader than Winston Churchill.  If one is a person of faith, it would be reasonable to believe that it was the Almighty himself who placed Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill in the Prime Minister’s chair during the perilous and climactic years of the Second World War.

Winston Churchill symbolized Great Britain; during the War, Winston Churchill WAS Great Britain. Despite that fact, in 1945, immediately following the war that could have destroyed Great Britain, Churchill, the man who had saved Great Britain, was thrown out of office and replaced by a leftist Labour government comprised of hacks and socialists (not necessarily in that order and not necessarily mutually exclusive).  At the time of his loss, Churchill’s wife Clementine is said to have suggested that the election defeat might be “a blessing in disguise,” to which Churchill reportedly replied: “At the moment it seems very effectively disguised.”

But in the general election of 1951, Churchill was triumphantly returned to Ten Downing Street and once again became Prime Minister. He had stayed the course.  He refused to quietly retire to the country.  Winston Churchill had been a nuisance and an upstart to his opponents during his entire career, and he continued to be a nuisance and an upstart to those who continued to oppose his vision of Great Britain’s future.  Let us not forget for a moment that Winston Churchill from his earliest moments in public life, had been called rude, obnoxious, boorish, oafish (I have run out of adjectives.  Fill in your own.) by the British version of the “Swamp;” and make no mistake, that “Swamp” could have taught a few things to our own swampy iteration of the entrenched establishment in Washington and the several states.

“Rude, obnoxious, boorish, oafish,” etc.  Does that sound suspiciously like the descriptions of President Trump that have been a hallmark of our own media and political ‘Swamp aristocracy” from the moment that then citizen Donald Trump rode down the escalator into history.  Donald John Trump is our own Winston Churchill.  He may be loud, boorish and obnoxious, but history will not give a damn. He is the bulwark against the reduction of American society into a second rate cosmopolitan, globalist, socialist culture.  Donald Trump stands on the battlements in defense of America’s future.

The point is that like Winston Churchill, Donald Trump is not the type who folds his tent and slinks off to the shadows of obscure retirement.  Anyone who believes that we have seen the last of President Trump on the national stage is hallucinating, especially in view of the unmistakable evidence that this election was dishonestly wrested from the majority of the American people who overwhelmingly re-elected President Trump.  President Trump is not the kind of person who will take that theft lying down without fiercely biting back.

Yes, it is true, the chapter may be over, but the book is not.

The next chapter: taking over both houses in 2022 and denying the Democrats control of the entire Congress;

and then, in 2024, the triumphant return of Donald J. Trump, our Churchill.

So, I thank Stephen Moore for helping me place things in the proper perspective. It is most definitely not over.  Turn the page to the next chapter and engrave the immortal words of Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill on the inside of your eyelids: “Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – NEVER GIVE IN!!!

Stuart Kaufman

Stuart Kaufman is a retired lawyer, investment banker and businessman. He relocated from New York to Mount Pleasant in 2012. A friend recently told him that he has been a South Carolinian all of his life ... but he just didn’t know it.

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