A Briton’s Commentary on the 2020 Presidential Election

Though a legal resident in the U.S., I am a British citizen and therefore not eligible to vote in the U.S. Despite this, I have taken an intense interest in U.S. political events since 2015, first watching daily the ascendency of Donald Trump to the Presidency and subsequently becoming increasingly aware of the methods and devious motives of the Democrat Party. It is no longer anything approaching the more benign times of Bill Clinton, and is completely unrecognizable compared to the times of John Kennedy. In short, the former Democrat Party is extinct.

Because the very leftward-leaning Labour Party was defeated in the last U.K. election, I expected the same fate would befall the leftist U.S. Democrat Party. However, I neither imagined, nor could have taken into account, that they would use such outrageous tactics as they appear to have done to steal the 2020 election. The U.S. sets itself up as the greatest country in the world, and a beacon of morality and Constitutional fairness – but, by engineering a completely fraudulent 2020 election, the Democrats have now destroyed that hard-won image of America. The world (especially the Chinese) is now laughing at the U.S.

In 2016, the Democrats were convinced that Hillary Clinton was guaranteed to win the Presidency.

Trump’s success took them totally by surprise – especially since the opinion polls were indicating the opposite. The Democrats found themselves suddenly needing to implement their “:insurance policy” devised secretly by top officials at Obama’s FBI and DOJ (Dept of Justice) to resist Trump and try to unseat him  This began with the appointment of a Special Counsel and the spurious allegation that Russia had influenced the election. Unable to find evidence after two years of “Russia collusion” investigation, they then tried “impeachment”, which also failed. Despite the Democrat’s intense and consistent resistance and harassment of Trump throughout his first term, he did a great deal for the U.S. and singularly complied with all his promises to the electorate.

Trump successfully created the public-private partnership which produced Covid-19 vaccines in record time. Pfizer was the first to announce 90% success for their vaccine, but pointedly waited until just after November 3rd Election Day to make this public. Did Pfizer overlook that it was Trump who made this happen?  Did Albert Bourla, Chairman & C.E.O., while cashing out $5.6 million-worth of his Pfizer shares the day of the announcement, forget who helped to get him there?

As a result of the 2018 “Midterm Elections”, the Democrats won a majority in the lower House of Representatives.

They introduced a Bill known as HR.1 – so named because it was their absolute “Number One” priority, and it laid the groundwork for changing future election procedures to their advantage. The Bill was rejected in the Senate, but in certain of the States – where Democrats control or can influence the State Legislatures – many of the provisions of that Bill were quietly introduced to affect the upcoming 2020 election. Significantly, “mail-in voting” was permitted, which many Republicans and even Democrats criticized for its obvious fraud potential. Covid-19 was cited as the reason why voters should be allowed to vote by mail, rather than appear in person at a polling station. Rules were relaxed and changed 90-to-60 days or less prior to the election date of November 3rd. Much of the current litigation by Trump’s legal team is directed to the unconstitutionality of those last-minute rule changes.

The Democrats began disruptive, typically Marxist techniques in early 2020.

Using the pretext of police brutality, and “Defund the Police”, well-organized and well-financed violence, by Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, erupted in some cities, ironically those controlled by Democrats – such as Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland-Oregon, Washington DC and New York City. Rioting and looting of small businesses was extensive, monuments were toppled, and “cancel culture” promoted.

BLM traded on the sympathy of individual and corporate donors, who contributed funds to the movement, either to signal their virtue or to appease their own consciences – and even as a way to buy protection from the black community. As Winston Churchill once said: “That’s like feeding the crocodile in the hopes that he will eat you last”!

The Democrats refused either to oppose the violence or to denounce BLM and ANTIFA, but referred only to “peaceful protesters’, while silently and knowingly benefiting from BLM contributions to their campaigns. It was only when the polls started to turn against them did the Democrats issue a few guarded statements about the violence, rioting and the looting. Otherwise, they condoned it.  This warningagainst nostalgia for the time of Lenin is as relevant today as when first published – – –

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date

has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day, minute by minute.

History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party

is always right”.

— George Orwell.

The media has always been anti-Trump, but in 2020 they stepped up efforts until they were over 90% against him.

The opinion polls were unbelievably skewed and exaggerated towards Biden and everything “Democrat”. The Silicon Valley technology and social-media companies (Google, Face-book, Twitter etc.) freely censored conservative commentators; for example, Twitter censored Trump’s ‘tweets’ in 168 instances – as compared to Biden, exactly never..

Since Covid-19 has been a significant factor in 2020, and the Democrat Party has used it as a pretext and excuse for the anomalies in the election, it is fair to comment on the suspicious origin of the virus.

A young Chinese girl virologist, who researched it in a Hong Kong laboratory and recently came for safety to the U.S, was interviewed about 2 months ago by Tucker Carlson on Fox TV.She stated that the virus was manufactured in a laboratory in China by order of the Chinese Communist Party and released on the world as some form of economic retribution. She is now receiving death threats, and her Mother in China has been arrested and detained by the CCP.

Tucker Carlson separately just reported the result of tests conducted in December 2019 on preserved blood samples which had been collected prior to the virus by the U.S. Red Cross. The tests uncovered a 3% positivity rate to the presence of Covid-19 antigen. This would indicate that the virus was already circulating in the U.S. well before its recognition by the medical community or before end-January 2020 when announced as a national threat by the Trump Administration. The implication is that the Chinese have known about the virus several months sooner than they (or their friends at the WHO) were prepared to admit. It seems odd that the Chinese seem no longer much affected by the pandemic!  Maybe the Party bosses, to be ahead of the game, prudently made prior arrangements for an antidote?

The plan to steal the 2020 election was embarked upon in earnest as soon as Biden was made Democrat nominee for President.

Covid-19 as an excuse for his isolation, Biden “campaigned” from the basement of his home in Delaware, while Trump travelled energetically around the U.S. drawing crowds of anything from 20,000 to 50,000 in each of the places he visited. The enthusiasm for Trump was palpable. He always made himself available to answer any Reporter’s questions, most of which were consistently hostile. The comparison could not have been more marked.There was almost no obvious enthusiasm for Biden. On the few occasions his handlers rolled him out to meet the public, he found himself addressing a minute group of supporters, dutifully social-distanced 6-feet apart, or sitting in their cars honking occasional applause – with possibly a Reporter on hand to ask what kind of ice cream he likes.

Media have prematurely declared Biden as “President-Elect” but, until or unless the Electoral College procedure is complete, actually there is no legal right to make such claim.

Meanwhile, the current Electoral College position is unclear, due to the litigation being conducted by the Trump legal team, who are diligently investigating and presenting evidence of extensive election fraud as fast as they possibly can. Certification of the result in some States is pending decisions of the Courts, and very likely eventually even of the U.S. Supreme Court.  It is unlawful for any State to certify a fraudulent election result.

Biden is the only Presidential candidate who has “won” the Presidency by hardly appearing in public.

His campaign has been distinguished by lack of energy, and minimal interaction with the ever-sympathetic Press. The journalists ask him only “softball” questions with little curiosity about his intended policies. To gain a clue about Democrat Party policies, you have to locate their very turgid 110-page “platform”, which reads like the Communist Party manifesto.

It has been the fashion in the U.S. (and seems also in Europe) to “hate Trump” though when asked “What has he ever done against YOU” most of the so-called “never-Trumpers” are unable to give a credible reason for their position.

Most say they “don’t like his hair”, or object to his ‘Twitter” remarks, or say that he has “too big an ego”. Years ago, I remember him saying “Show me a man without an ego, and I will show you a failure.” Personally, I quickly learned to ignore his flaws and to concentrate on his actions, with which I mostly agreed.

A recent poll shows that some 55% of the electorate did not cast their vote for “FORBIDEN”, but actually “AGAINSTTRUMP”. Therefore, the Democrats and Biden have to thank the phenomenon of “Trump hatred” for their apparent “success – and the Media, for cultivating and encouraging it for four years.

Joe Biden is quite senile and often unable to complete his sentences, mostly needing the teleprompter to communicate with the public.

He owes much to the extreme left in his party, who are now demanding “pay-back”. Robert Gates, former Secretary of Defense for Obama, said that during Biden’s 47 years in the Senate “He has been famously wrong on every foreign policy issue”.

Not the least of Biden’s problems is the very controversial role of his son, Hunter Biden, and other family members, allegedly involved with corruption at the Ukrainian oil company “Burisma” and questionable transactions with the Chinese Communist Party and the Russians. This story continues to be suppressed by the Media, despite evidence to support a case against the Biden family found in a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden – in FBI possession now for 10 months, but seemingly withheld to deflect the issue from public exposure.

When the “New York Post” published an article about the famous laptop, it was censored by both Twitter and Facebook, presumably to take the spotlight off the Bidens, but the effort backfired because their very act of censorship drew even more publicity, and exposed openly Big Tech’s clear anti-conservative bias.

As I tell my friends in the U.S., even though ineligible to vote, I am a World Citizen deeply concerned about the possible effect of a Biden Administration, not only on the U.S, but also upon the whole world – in the event the Democrats are allowed to proceed un-checked in power for the next four (4) years.

The United States will become unrecognizable by the end of their term. China will strengthen in ascendency and become more aggressive, and taxpayer money will be squandered on “climate change”, the Green New Deal, Medicare-for-all (including for illegal immigrants), free education (i.e. indoctrination) – the fiscal cost of which is unthinkable. For further horrors, see below Paras 14 and 15!

The Democrats plan quite openly to up-end the U.S. Constitution, “pack” the traditionally 9-member Supreme Court by adding more Democrat-activist judges, eliminate the Electoral College, and flood the country with immigrants.

This will provide them with more popular voters to help ensure Democrat Party permanence in power. Without the Electoral College system to counterbalance the less-populated agricultural Mid-Western and Southern States with the more heavily populated urban East and West Coast States (mainly New York and California), there could never again be a Republican Government. The U.S. would become a one-party Socialist country in perpetuity.

The main device for the Democrat Party to achieve its objectives is first to ensure their majority in the U.S. Senate.

They then can eliminate the “filibuster’ – which currently requires all Senate legislation be passed by a minimum of 60 Senatorial votes. Then by simple majority the Democrats can proceed unconstrained to vote in their agenda to change America. They can even further consolidate power by creating two (2) additional States – Washington D.C and perhaps even Puerto Rico – so establishing four (4) new Senators, two for each new State, with naturally allegiance only to the Democrat Party.

Two obvious outstanding big questions:

  1. WHY and HOW was Biden thrust so successfully onto the stage with so little personal effort of his own ? The explanation for the “brilliance” of his stay-at-home campaign and the logical ANSWER to the QUESTION, HAS TO BE that the Democrats were planning to steal the election no matter what, and Biden and the Democrat Party leaders knew all along that the “fix was in”.
  2. Foreknowledge of the election-fixing scheme would explain why the Democrats blocked and resisted introducing ANY legislation or action which they perceived as beneficial to President Trump. So, while the Trump Administration was engaged in working for what they saw to be the “good of the country”, the Democrats were secretly concentrating all efforts to ensure winning the election, taking advantage of Covid-19 as a pretext to change election procedures, and to cover their tracks. Sidney Powell, a lawyer working on fraud with the Dominion voting machines, has called this “Coup 5.0 against Trump”.  Prior tothe election, Biden declared (surely a Freudian slip?) “We have put together the best election fraud team possible”!!.

There now just remain two (2) very significant and crucial events necessary to prevent the Democrats from implementing their very radical, dangerous and wasteful policies (see above Paras 14 & 15), which will not only radically change the U.S. but also affect the entire world.

The FIRST EVENT is the need for the Republican Party to keep control of the Senate by winning on January 5 2021 the Georgia run-off election for the two controlling Senate seats. The eyes of all who care about the future of the U.S are on the outcome.  Georgia is traditionally a Republican State, but the Democrats are pouring record money into the State to support their left-leaning two candidates.

Provided the two Republican Senators (David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler) are re-elected then the Republicans can maintain a legislative “firewall” in the Senate to control and to curb Democrat Party ambitions and policies. Republicans currently have a 53-47 Senate majority.  The Democrats have so far gained one seat. Should the Democrats win both of the two pending Georgia Senatorial seats, there would be a 50-50 tie in the Senate. Then, assuming Biden finally becomes President, Vice-President Kamala Harris can act as the un-tying vote to tip the scales for Democrats. Thereafter, without further need for negotiation with the Republicans, the Democrats will have achieved an open pathway to change America irreversibly – and consequently the whole World. There will never be another Republican Administration.

The SECOND EVENT is the outcome of the current litigation by the Trump legal team to challenge the alleged fraud in the November 3rd 2020 election. Extensive ballot manipulation has been found in several key electoral States – with evidence by sworn affidavits from more than a thousand witnesses to both the counting of illegal ballots and to statistical tampering by alteration of software (aka “glitches) in the Dominium voting machines. It is alleged that if only the legal ballots are counted it would show Trump has been re-elected by a landslide.

There is intense time pressure to get Trump’s litigation through State and Federal Courts, and even to the U.S. Supreme Court – with the burden of proof being upon the Trump side. The Democrats and the media meanwhile are suppressing news of any positive progress by the Trump Lawyers.

The Democrats have no interest in either knowing or exposing the truth and cannot wait to install a new Biden Administration and to start immediately upon their agenda. They say simply “There is nothing to see here, so let’s just all move on……”, as if we should just ignore the greatest fraud in U.S. political history.

For those interested in the Trump case, the website attached HERE is suggested, with view of the video, in middle of the text, especially recommended. This article records the proceedings between the Arizona State Legislature, independent witnesses, and the Trump team lawyers – led by ex-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani.The video is rather long but worth sitting through. The statistical analysis by Dr. Shiva is very convincing.  What shows up in this Arizona testimony is similar to circumstances and incidents being found in other key electoral States – Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada.

While not yet certain that the findings will actually overturn the Presidential election, the effort to obtain clarity of what occurred in November 2020 is owed to the people of the United States, and in particular to the over 74,000,000 who cast their votes in support of President Trump – disenfranchised by massive fraud.

My last interest in significant political events was my wish to see the United Kingdom depart the European Union and to regain its sovereignty and personality. Even though this actually happened, sadly the China virus has since demoralized the British people, not only preventing them from properly celebrating their independence from the E.U. but also delaying them from establishing satisfactory new trade agreements, including with the U.S. and even the E.U. itself.

The very same China virus has intervened in the U.S., creating now constitutional havoc, with potential to alter History in ways of which most Americans are yet to become aware. The very U.S. Constitution is at stake.

Robert Ball

Robert Ball was born in Kenya in 1940, where his parents farmed in the Highlands until 1973, thereafter retiring to their Coastal home near Mombasa. Robert was educated in England at Marlborough College and at King’s College, Cambridge where he graduated in Natural Sciences. His professional career with an international farm equipment company took him to over 100 countries worldwide, with special experience in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the U.S. Robert’s personal awareness of the European Project began in 1958 when spending his “gap year” as an intern in a French agricultural college outside Paris. Harold MacMillan, then Britain’s Prime Minister, was voicing opposition to Britain joining the then incipient “Common Market”. Robert sided with that position; his fellow students simply named him “MacMillan” – never caring to know his real name. His initial article written about Brexit and the E.U. spans the nearly 60-year period from then to the present, reflecting the writer’s constant concern over what he always saw as a critical error of British policy.

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