The Left’s Final Battle Plan and Trump’s Last Stand

Looking at the 2020 Election from a spiritual perspective, whatever happens is God’s Will and my trust is, has, and always be in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The United States will endure. I have Faith in that.

As a life-long Conservative, I feel this country would be in far better hands of President Trump at the helm than former Vice-President Biden’s. Trump is a charismatic yet undeniably controversial figure. I wish I could give him President Reagan’s ability to communicate. It is tantalizing to imagine someone with Trump’s business skills and negotiating ability who could speak with the eloquence of Reagan. It would certainly change the general public’s perception of the man and who knows, maybe such communication skills would work to his overwhelming benefit. Maybe not.

Trump isn’t Reagan and he doesn’t talk like Reagan. To this end, he has undoubtedly hurt his own cause by making ill-advised and incendiary comments. At the same time, for every person that is offended by his rhetoric, there are probably two or three people that admire him for having the courage to say it. Trump is not a man who lets anyone intimidate him. In terms of personal courage, he is right up there with President Theodore Roosevelt…a man who was once shot while making a speech…and didn’t let that little incident prevent him from finishing the speech. In terms of being a larger-than-life figure, I think Trump most closely resembles Teddy Roosevelt. Roosevelt was not your typical President. He was a man of adventure. A man who by no means was conventional. He was an epic personality and central to the man’s legend is his charge up San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American War.

Charging up a hill where the enemy has fortified positions is about as desperate as it gets in military terms. In military lore, Pickett’s Charge and the Charge of the Light Brigade are remembered as gallant and exceedingly brave yet ultimately doomed endeavors. The pride and honor associated with such desperate actions inspire people, regardless of the outcome. However, Roosevelt and his Rough Riders were successful. They beat the odds and Roosevelt was ultimately awarded the Medal of Honor (the only President to ever receive the nation’s most sacred honor).

If the comparison between Trump and the first President Roosevelt is in fact a valid comparison, then Trump’s courage and determination, not to mention his pride, dictate that he will do no less than Roosevelt. Trump is in no position to go on the offensive, but he is in position to make a last stand. His refusal to concede the election isn’t some selfish attempt to deny defeat. It is a courageous effort to hang on to the Presidency against all odds. The easy thing to do would be to surrender…to concede the election. However, Trump knows the election was stolen. If they want to take the Presidency from him, he isn’t going down without a fight.

On the surface, it would seem like Trump’s ‘last stand’ has no chance of succeeding and is therefore merely a token effort to stop the inevitable. Despite what Twitter, Facebook, and the MSM would have us believe, the election is technically not over. Biden has not been ‘officially’ determined to be the winner of the election. Each state must certify its votes, or to be more specific, each state must determine how its electoral votes will be cast before the Electoral College meets on December 14. At that time, each state’s electors will meet and formally cast ballots, which in turn must be submitted to the U.S. Senate by December 23. After that, Congress will meet in a joint session on January 6, 2021 to count the electoral votes and officially determine who will be inaugurated as President on January 20, 2021.

Or there could be a court battle that could go on for months after, leading to the Supreme Court…

The election took place on November 3 and different states will soon be certifying the results of the Presidential election. This gives the Trump legal team very little time to prove their case. As the Trump legal team explained on Thursday, it would normally take years for them to provide the evidence they need to provide in order to mount a proper argument. I’m not aware of any instance where a state has overturned the results of its election and awarded its electoral votes to a candidate other than the one that was originally declared the winner. It would be a herculean feat if Trump’s lawyers actually succeeded in overturning the results…it’s never been done.

From that perspective, Trump’s ‘last stand’ would seem to many to be nothing but a whimper…an afterthought…sour grapes. Maybe I’m a delusional optimist, but I just don’t see it all amounting to nothing. I don’t see Donald Trump going down that easily. If he has decided to make his ‘last stand’ anything less than a magnificent fight to the very last would not be befitting of him. I don’t see him placing his reputation and his legacy on the line in a pointless and utterly hopeless fight. At the very least, if Trump is going to make a last stand, his ego would demand that it be along the lines of Davy Crockett at the Alamo or General Custer at Little Big Horn. According to legend, Crockett, out of ammunition, began to swing his rifle around, taking out enemy soldiers, rather than surrendering. At the very least, Trump’s efforts have to at least end up in the Supreme Court regardless if they rule in his favor or not. I’d expect nothing less.

In my gut, in my heart of hearts, I still believe Trump will win. I can’t explain why I have this feeling. By no means am I saying it is coming from God. I’m not a prophet and God has not made any sort of revelation to me. I’m just going by my own feelings. Something tells me every time that Biden is addressed as ‘President-elect’ that history will prove otherwise. Why? Simply put, I truly believe that Trump is the legitimate winner. He has the truth on his side. Biden and/or those acting on his behalf rigged it.

Obviously, there has to be proof. In a court of law, irrefutable evidence will have to be presented. The cry of anti-Trumpers has been ‘there is no proof…show us the proof!’ They are right.

I believe the election was in fact stolen for multiple reasons. There is statistical evidence that Biden could not possibly have received the number of votes he is credited with receiving. In some cases, more people voted in some areas that the number of registered voters in those areas. Most importantly however, there is the issue of Dominion voting systems. Their connection to Democrat-linked interests seems quite clear. It has been demonstrated that Dominion systems can switch votes from one candidate to another. I think any reasonable person could conclude there is something fishy at work here.

Maybe I’m hoping against hope but I’m finding comfort in the rhetoric of Trump lawyers Sidney Powell and Lin Wood. These are very high-profile lawyers with reputations to protect. They have no reason to talk with false bravado. They are handling what is potentially the biggest crime in American history and they are going to make fools of not only themselves, but President Trump as well? I don’t think so. I also see no reason why they would reveal anything more than is absolutely necessary at this point. Only a fool would show all their cards.

I don’t think Trump is even close to playing his last card. He isn’t going to quit and as Trump himself has said: ‘Don’t bet against me.’ I’m not betting against the President. The fight is far from over. Trump knew this was coming. The election fraud was NOT a surprise to him. He was ready for it. He has prepared for it. More importantly, people still believe in the President. Roughly 200,000 people gathered in D.C. last week to support him. That kind of support breathes life into even the most hopeless of situations…but I don’t think this situation is hopeless. Not all last stands end in defeat. On occasion, the defender prevails. Yes…Trump is making a ‘last stand’ but it is a fight he can win!

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