Is the Democrat Party Trying to Start Another Civil War?

A lot has happened since 2016. Donald Trump went from political outsider and overwhelming underdog to Hillary Clinton to being elected President of the United States in the most shocking election upset since Truman defeated Dewey…and he did it as a completely unconventional politician.

It wasn’t supposed to happen.

The plan was for Hillary to win and for business to continue as normal. Instead, we got a President who saw everything from a completely different point of view. Trump isn’t controlled by anyone; he is independently wealthy, so he can’t be bought. Amongst his supporters, Trump is seen as a person who has kept his campaign promises. He has shifted the course of American in the right direction.

So why does everything seem so uncertain? I have asked myself that many times and here are the issues that stand out to me:

  • American, which was founded by Christians and a country which has adhered to Christian principles throughout most of its history, has turned away from God. That is our cardinal sin right there. It isn’t ‘politically correct’ to mention God. Did anyone ever think they would live to see Donald Trump become a defender of the Christian Faith?
  • The mainstream media, which has always leaned left, has dropped all pretense of impartiality. Rather than objectively evaluate the decisions and stances of politicians and hold all politicians to the same level of scrutiny, they have recklessly engaged in Trump bashing. Every action he takes and every decision he makes is depicted as the actions of a corrupt madman intent on destroying America.
  • Is Trump a madman? Obviously not. Last time I checked the country was still in existence. Trump has made the country stronger by refocusing on a strong military while adhering to the philosophy that those who are truly powerful are rarely forced to use such power. He has renegotiated trade deals that have benefitted America economically and his policies have greatly benefitted the American economy. Trump has also made our borders more secure and has kept out criminal elements.
  • The Democrats and even a few Republicans refuse to accept Trump under any circumstances. He is not a conventional politician, yet he was elected to the nation’s highest office. There is a lot of jealously towards him. Many people have run for President over the years. Few have earned their party’s nomination, and of those people only 50% have won the Presidency (if we only consider the traditional two-party system). A lot of people see him as an illegitimate or unentitled President based on this. I think this attitude towards Trump is the basis for much of the hatred directed towards him. Did you ever think you’d see a political neophyte win the Presidency? Trump beat out more than a dozen very established Republican figures to earn the Presidential nomination. Then he won the election by a comfortable 304-227 margin in the electoral college. It was such an amazing accomplishment that many grasped for an explanation as to how it could have happened: Thus, the myth of Russian interference in the election was created.
  • As I have heard former Speaker Newt Gingrich say: “There is an historic Trump and a little Trump.” The historic Trump is the leader who beat all the odds to become President…and become a great President. The little Trump is the one who invites unnecessary criticism by posting controversial Tweets and making flippant remarks consistently. Trump is a fighter. As such he doesn’t back down from his critics. On the one hand, I admire a person who speaks their mind, on the other hand, I can only dream what it would be like if Trump pursued his agenda yet explained it with the eloquence of President Ronald Reagan. However, in contemporary America, I doubt even Reagan could appease the Democrats and the media. Regardless, Trump’s comments have earned him plenty of enemies.
  • During the Obama administration, liberal and ‘politically correct’ ideals prevailed and the media as well as big businesses were perfectly happy with this trend. Situations once considered absurd began to be treated as legitimate issues. Did our Founding Fathers, in their wildest dreams, ever dream that people would use bathrooms based on gender-identification as opposed to their actual physical gender? During Obama’s time in office, we began to hear people argue that men who identified as women were entitled to use the women’s restroom. Those who didn’t agree with this insanity, were deemed prejudiced and narrow-minded. Trump has never supported such nonsense. Therefore, many liberals see him as prejudiced and narrow-minded, whereas others seem him as having common sense. Trump’s common-sense approach has also earned him plenty of enemies. For example, liberals have pushed the climate change agenda. Trump hasn’t. For one, the science for climate change isn’t conclusive and second, adhering to climate change rules imposed on the United States by other nations has hurt U.S. industry.
  • During the Trump administration, minorities have actually fared better. Trump has enacted legislation, including increased funding to HBCUs, to help African Americans. For years, the Democratic Party has always portrayed themselves as the champions of African Americans. However, the reality is that they have hindered the progress of African Americans. Trump has desperately tried to explain this and expose the Democrats for their corruption and failure to serve the black community.

The above issues have driven the Democrat Party absolutely insane. Their hatred of Trump is such that they are willing to pursue a scorched Earth policy in order to undermine him. The Democrats have proved they are totally willing to let radical left-wing organizations such as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter burn cities to the ground while they stand by and do nothing. Think about it. Democratic leaders in cities where violent protests and riots have taken place, have made a conscious decision to let their cities be destroyed in hopes it will make Trump look bad. Moreover, the media depicts these riots as not only non-violent, but also as completely necessary.

Consequently, half of America thinks Trump is a fascist-villain while the other half embraces him as a hero of historical proportions.  I used to think a 2nd Civil War would be impossible because America is not fractured along geographic lines. However, I’m not so sure now. I can see a mob taking control over a major city only to have a local militia come and take the City back. Firearm sales are at an all-time high and for good reason. People have reason to fear for their lives and property. I can also see citizens of cities organizing militias in advance in preparation for mobs seeking to wreak havoc.

If the hatred and promotion of violence doesn’t stop, then violence is the inevitable outcome. What will happen when Trump is re-elected? Will riots be instigated to protest? I fear so. Trump is portrayed as the purveyor of hatred and while he is no angel, he is definitely not the guilty party nor the one instigating the violence. The left is fanning the flames trying to ignite a civil war. There needs to be an investigation into the people organizing the ‘peaceful protests’ and they need to be prosecuted. Someone needs to put a stop to the anarchy before we have a full-scale war.

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