Joe Biden’s Racist Record of Government Dependence 

I can’t make myself black; I’m too lilly-white to even try. I do wonder, though, what it must be like to be black in America. I am 100% sure it is different today than it was 10 years ago; and far, far different than it was 100 years ago.
Here is what I believe I know: John Kennedy’s murder toward the end of 1963 was a huge blow to blacks in America. They loved JFK. They had a great hope that he would improve with lives with more jobs, decent places to live, and better schools for their kids.
All that hope went away when Lyndon Johnson, JFKs racist VP took over. Rather than give blacks the jobs, pride, and respect they wanted and deserved; Johnson figured if he gave them enough free stuff that they would become dependent on white Democrat largesse and keep pulling the Democrat lever for decades. Sadly, it turned out he was correct.
Johnson’s “Great Society,” rewarded single moms with welfare; the more kids, the bigger the checks. It discouraged family formation and encouraged more black single-parent homes. Generations of black children grew up with no father and no mentor. Their mothers were too busy with kids to work a paying job so most fatherless children never learned the value of work.
Johnson promised dignity, but delivered dependence. He promised the world and the stars, but except for puny government welfare checks, he delivered nothing – there were no jobs, schools crumbled, and government housing became a crime-infested nightmare.
And every election cycle, it was the same old false promises, and more free stuff. Until 2008 that is.
In 2008, Barack Obama provided new hope to the black community. Finally, one of their own would become president. For years, they’d heard their failures were not their fault, but it was society’s fault and Democrats would fix it. But when Barack Obama promised to fix it, they believed him.
And, for 8 years, he did not one damn thing for the black community in America.
Oh there were free cell phones, and more food stamps. And, yes, he raised taxes on the rich. But that money never found it’s way to help. Nothing really changed. Just like all the Democrats who’d come before, Obama’s promises worked to keep him in power, but they did nothing for those who were suffering.
In fact, Obama made things worse. He said he’d curb guns to save black lives, and his hometown of Chicago did indeed pass the strictest gun laws in the country. Still, during Obama’s presidency, almost 4,000 blacks were gunned down in Chicago alone. No one really knows for sure how many black babies lost their lives at the hands of abortionists – at least 2 million though.
He promised better schools and more charters so black families stuck in failing school districts could have more choices. Instead, test scores show black students continued to fall behind in schools that were getting worse. And rather than the charter schools he claimed to support, he caved in to teacher’s unions who were far better at raising money for Democrats than they were at teaching children. Since then, teachers unions have continued to show they care only about collecting dues and gaining power: they just don’t give a damn about the kids.
Then came President Trump. Initially, blacks rejected his candidacy. After all, the media never tired of calling Trump a racist; in fact, they continue to do so.
But as time went on, blacks learned more about Hillary; her corruption, her duplicity, and her hypocrisy. While she opposed school choice and vouchers for black families, her own daughter attended the best private school in Washington, then the top private colleges in the country; getting a job making $600,000 per year almost right out of college.
The other thing that happened in 2016 is that conservatives started talking to black voters for the first time since Lyndon Johnson. Groups like the Stars and Stripes Forever PAC, of which I am founder and chairman, ran hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of advertising in blue states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania showing how Democrats like Hillary are the reason black communities don’t have more jobs, higher pay, and more and better schools.
And, to the shock of some Republicans and nearly every Democrat, Trump won those states thanks largely to black votes, especially in Michigan and Pennsylvania where black votes for Trump accounted for his margin of victory.
Trump didn’t disappoint. Until the Chinese virus hit, Blacks (and other minorities) have never had such low unemployment numbers. Their incomes started going up, businesses started investing more money in black neighborhoods, Trump passed long-awaited criminal justice reform (that Biden had tilted very strongly against blacks) and black home ownership was on the rise.
The wealth gap that Obama had railed against for 8 years, but did nothing to address except tax rich people, started closing for the first time in decades.
Something that has not improved for minority communities is the education system. The Democrat Party has become a wholly owned subsidiary of teacher’s unions and is thoroughly dependent on their political contributions. But teacher’s unions want all charter schools closed.
Charter schools give parents a choice in the education their children receive. Most charter schools outperform other public schools. In fact, charter schools that are predominately black very often outperform public schools that are almost all white. Teacher’s unions can’t have that. They can’t stand the competition. If families are able to choose charters schools, then union dominated public schools would be forced to improve or close.
The NEA only cares that every single teacher MUST be a union teacher. That every school MUST be a public school. And that every subject is used to indoctrinate children into their far left ideology.
For teacher unions, just like for progressive Democrat politicians, it’s about gaining power, and keeping power, kids be damned.
If a Democrat tells you they will get you school choice, it’s a lie!
I’m convinced that President Trump will finally be able to make headway on education in his second term. He will also move forward with plans to improve black access to high quality health care, better jobs, higher pay, and far better housing. I say that because he’s promised it, and as we saw in his first term, like him or not, Trump delivers on his promises.
Joe Biden said “blacks who don’t vote for him aren’t really black”. He’s said he opposed school integration because he didn’t want his kids to “grow up in a racial jungle.” And Joe Biden has already promised the teacher’s unions he will end school choice wherever he can. Joe makes promises to blacks the same way LBJ did. He does so to get their votes, just like LBJ. And, except for government handouts, he does nothing for them. Again, like LBJ.
If you’re black, it’s a pretty simple choice. It’s Joe Biden who has inherited LBJ’s racist record of keeping black Americans from being able to break the chains of government dependency; or Donald Trump, who kept his promises in his first term, and will do even more in his second.

John Philip Sousa, IV

John Philip Sousa, IV is an entrepreneur, political activ-ist, author and accomplished business person. John has worked in the financial services industry for over 40 years, built a highly successful marketing company, ran for congress at age 24, and in 2016 created and led the successful movement to draft Dr Ben Carson into his candidacy for President of the United States. John is author of John Philip Sousa, A Patriot’s Life in Words and Pictures and Ben Carson, RX for America.

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