Here Are the Ways America Would Differ With Biden VS President Trump

In politics, everything is compared to something else. In order to distract from Joe Biden’s radical lurch to the left and his diminishing mental acuity, Biden’s handlers have pretty much hidden him from America.

At the same time, progressive Democrats and the media, never miss a chance to paint Trump in an extremely unfavorable light — even when it means wholly misrepresenting his actions and words as they did after his Mt. Rushmore speech.

Given the growing disinformation infecting our political debates this election year, let’s take a realistic look at what we can expect should either win.

The following prognostications are based on the public statements, and actual economic records, of the candidates.

If Donald Trump wins, here’s what Americans can expect.

  1. Lower taxes on working people.
  2. Stronger employment for all American families, especially those who previous economic recoveries have often left behind.
  3. Higher wages for all Americans, especially for working families.
  4. Fewer regulations on job creators.
  5. A stronger military that discourages America’s enemies from entangling us in war and conflict.
  6. Weed out corruption in the federal government.
  7. More judges who interpret laws and fewer who seek to make laws.
  8. A rising stock market along with more secure retirement accounts.
  9. Continuing efforts to secure our borders.
  10. A foreign policy that insists America’s interests come first.
  11. Economic and trade policies that put Americans first
  12. Challenges to the sanctuary status of states and municipalities that shield illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes from being deported or prosecuted.
  13. Support for America’s police departments that includes more accountability, better training, and support for law and order.
  14. An energy policy that makes energy cleaner and less expensive; and makes America independent from foreign energy producers.
  15. Renewing and rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure.
  16. Respect for America’s Constitution including the 2nd Amendment right to own firearms.
  17. Continued strong leadership on pro-life policy.
  18. Preservation of our American history, monuments, and memorials.
  19. A more competitive health care system that costs less, increases access, and assures high quality.

If Joe Biden wins …

  1. The Marxists who run Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA will gain policy strength in Washington DC. Many may even be appointed to positions in government.
  2. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, author of the infamous and radical Green New Deal, will be appointed Biden’s new energy czar.
  3. Many former Obama Administration officials will return to high government positions.
  4. A new initiative to give 22 million illegal immigrants the right to vote.
  5. Inquiries and investigations into the Obama-Biden Administration’s illegal use of law enforcement to persecute their political enemies will be shut down.
  6. New investigations of anyone who disagrees with the progressive agenda will be launched.
  7. Huge cuts in military budgets.
  8. Higher taxes on job creators, those who own retirement accounts, and working families.
  9. Judicial candidates who subscribe to the progressive and socialist agenda.
  10. Confiscation of guns.
  11. Unemployment will rise significantly.
  12. Cost of healthcare will increase, quality will decrease, and treatments will be rationed.
  13. Further restrictions against charter schools and less school choice.
  14. A return to the Iran nuclear deal that allows Iran to continue nuclear weapons research and enhances their ability to sponsor terror.
  15. America’s return to the Paris Climate Accord in which American workers and American taxpayers are penalized for the anti-climate policies of countries like China and India.
  16. America will rejoin the corrupt WHO headed by a Marxist and largely controlled by China.
  17. New trade deals that advantage countries like China at the expense of American companies and American workers.
  18. Local municipalities will be encouraged to cut police budgets. Less equipment and federal funding will go to local police.
  19. Response times to 911 emergency calls may be increased to a day or more.
  20. Murders, rape, assault, and burglary will increase.
  21. Looser immigration rules will allow millions more Muslims into America, including extremist Muslims who are terrorists.
  22. Historical monuments, including those of Washington, Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Christopher Columbus will be torn down and destroyed.
  23. New assaults against free speech will be encouraged.
  24. Greater division of Americans will be encouraged.
  25. Sharia law will be permitted in certain areas of the country.
  26. Extensive new regulations against business.
  27. American history will be rewritten to match the radical narrative that free markets are evil and America is hopelessly racist.
  28. More people will be forced to join unions, make contributions to union political causes, and adhere to union employment policies.
  29. America will return to dependence on foreign energy producers who don’t like us.
  30. Rationing of fuel, food, and even water may become common.
  31. Taxpayers will be forced to pay off millions of dollars in student loans.

If everything in politics is compared to something else, the choice is clear. But the decision belongs to Americans. Hopefully, they’ll look past the dishonest narrative promoted by the left and weigh the real differences between the candidates.

John Philip Sousa, IV

John Philip Sousa, IV is an entrepreneur, political activ-ist, author and accomplished business person. John has worked in the financial services industry for over 40 years, built a highly successful marketing company, ran for congress at age 24, and in 2016 created and led the successful movement to draft Dr Ben Carson into his candidacy for President of the United States. John is author of John Philip Sousa, A Patriot’s Life in Words and Pictures and Ben Carson, RX for America.

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