“Hate” Isn’t the Way to Unrig the System

But ending Democrat 'leadership' in cities and states certainly will.

Yusra Khogali, co-founder of BLM who said white people are ‘sub-human’

What if a white person posted on Facebook that blacks were sub-human.  Or tweeted that blacks were “recessive genetic defects?” You’d rightly be appalled and call them a racist.

But that’s exactly what Yusra Khogali did, except she said it about white people. Khogali co-founded the Toronto chapter of Black Lives Matter.

Khogali justified the posts as her way of calling for justice. Ironically, Khogali is a Muslim who has nothing to say about Muhammad’s keeping black slaves, or about the fact that in a number of Muslim countries today, black slavery is still legal.

But then, it’s not actually about slavery, or America, or even black lives. The leadership of Black Lives Matter are Marxists and socialists who hate America’s freedom and want to tear this country down and rebuild it in a new image, presumably their own image.

If you consider the anger and hatred they have for others though, you can bet it won’t be a better, more humane country they build.

We’ve already seen plenty of examples of the rage playing out in our streets and neighborhoods. Blacks have been told by progressives – both white and black – that it’s not their fault they don’t succeed. They should just give up. The system is against them. No message could be more corrosive. Or lead to more frustration and violence.

And it’s easy to see why the Marxists and radicals of Black Lives Matter and other revolutionary groups want to stoke that anger.

Marxists are driven by a deep desire to gain power and take other people’s stuff.  They are the ultimate coveters, they are driven by envy.  They truly believe people who own bigger homes should hand the keys over to someone who doesn’t have a home. Oh, and make sure the fridge is full and the liquor cabinet is well stocked; and don’t forget to leave the car in the garage with a full tank.

They define morality by ideology.  They did not learn the lessons of the 20th century – not that history really matters to them. In the last century the Nazis, Bolshevicks, and Maoists all thought they could build heaven on earth – if only they could force people to believe what they beleived.  Between them, the dictators who enforced those ideologies killed more than 100 million people. Rather than heaven on earth, they only succeeded in making their particular corners of earth a living hell.

We’re seeing the same kind of thing with groups like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. They believe it’s morally just to take what someone else has.

The more moderate progressives in the Democrat Party are only now discovering they have nothing with which to counter that argument. They’ve been making the same case for years. Except not quite so extreme. Punish the wealthy with huge tax increases, take more money from the middle class, put more regulations on business, free college, more welfare, free cell phones, free healthcare, and on and on it goes.

Once you start down the path of justifying the taking of things that are not your’s, then it’s only a matter of degree, not of kind. You may be doing it legally, by passing your laws through Congress and state legislatures, but you’re still using force to take what isn’t your’s to take.

Ultimately, that’s all the rioters are doing.

And now, things have gotten so turned around, the government is prosecuting those who protect themselves even while they give the rioters a pass.

Recently, a middle aged couple in St. Louis were forced to protect their lives and their property when a huge gang of protesters broke down the gate guarding their private community. They called the police. But the Mayor had told them to stand down.

Now the St. Louis DA has launched an attack against the couple. She’s confiscated their handgun, left them defenseless, and is trying to get an indictment. She’ll lose in court, but why should someone have to spend their life savings defending themselves from a prosecutor’s persecution for doing what authorities are supposed to do but didn’t.

If BLM was actually interested in racial equality they wouldn’t engage in this kind of behavior. Hate and rage make things worse.

That’s not to say blacks shouldn’t be angry. We should all be. Blacks have been forced into sub-standard public schools with few options. Government welfare programs award them for not marrying and so 70% plus of their children are born into fatherless families. Gangs roam freely through their streets and are often the only family – and the highest paying job opportunity – to which young black males have ready access. It’s a certain formula for violence and dysfunction.

No wonder they strike out. But that doesn’t change the fact striking out is counter productive.

Here’s a different approach. Let’s unrig the system that’s keeping blacks down.

Donald Trump isn’t the problem, it’s the progressives who have run the cities – and the Democrat Party – for the last 60 years who are to blame.

If BLM really wanted to address the problem of poverty and hopelessness in the black community, they’d work to elect those who actually have their best interests at heart.  And I’m not talking about the Democrats who founded KKK and continue to fund Planned Parenthood which kills 300,000 black babies every year. And I’m certainly not talking about Joe Biden who spent most of his time in the Senate trying to lock them in failing schools and then worked to transfer them to locked prisons.

If the followers of BLM buy their leader’s nonsense and believe they’ll be better off without police, they’ll be wrong. If the violence doesn’t stop, there will eventually be a backlash. And it won’t be black against white, it will be those who love this country and value their freedom against the angry and frustrated who believe things they wouldn’t if public schools had taught them better.

What the legitimate protesters need to understand is that If they keep voting for the same liberal Democrats they’ve elected over the past 60 years, they’ll keep getting the same results. If they elect even more radical liberals, things will get worse.

Instead of Democrats who want to keep entire black communities on government plantations, work to elect people who want to give families school choice, more jobs, higher wages. Elect people who wouldn’t raise the minimum wage so businesses can’t afford to hire young people who are just trying to get their foot on the first rung of the economic ladder. Elect people who want to see black families strong, prosperous, and, most important, together. Elect people who will do whatever it takes to keep your kids from ending up in gangs, or under a sheet by the side of the road.

Here’s a strategy that can work: Elect Republicans. And together we can make America great again … for all of us.

John Philip Sousa, IV

John Philip Sousa, IV is an entrepreneur, political activ-ist, author and accomplished business person. John has worked in the financial services industry for over 40 years, built a highly successful marketing company, ran for congress at age 24, and in 2016 created and led the successful movement to draft Dr Ben Carson into his candidacy for President of the United States. John is author of John Philip Sousa, A Patriot’s Life in Words and Pictures and Ben Carson, RX for America.

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