“Rider Comin’ In” by Guest Author Chris Mitchum

A Tribute to Chris Mitchum's father, Robert

From Dr. Fred Eichelman: The following is a short story by actor, political activist, and sometimes PolitiChicks contributor Christopher Mitchum. He wrote it for a Western magazine in honor of his father Robert Mitchum who had recently died. It just so happened that at that time another Hollywood icon Jimmy Stewart also died and so it seemed fitting to write this in honor of both. Knowing both men as we do from films this should not be surprising. A lovely tale.

The late, great Robert Mitchum

“Hello, the camp!” called a deep voice from the already darkened woods.
“Hello, yourself'” Peter called back as he stirred the campfire. “Come on in!”
“Rider coming in,” answered the man’s voice, as horse and rider emerged from the sea of darkness into the light like a babe from baptismal waters.
“Just in time. I’m fixing dinner. There’s food and
“Water over there for your horse. Get him settled and come join me.”
The rider unsaddled his horse and, holding out his hand as he approached the fire, said, “I’m Bob.”
“Peter,” said the cowboy, offering his own hand. “Have a seat. Like something to drink?”
“Coffee sure smells good. Wouldn’t happen to have any whiskey on you, would you? Sure could use a real drink.”
Peter reached into his large saddle bag and pulled out a silver shaker and a glass. “Just happen to have a Tangeray martini. That do ya?”

Peter shook and poured the martini and handed the glass to Bob.
“Cheers,” Bob said, and took a long pull on the drink. “What are you cooking for dinner?”
“What do you love?”
“Well-done steak, mashed potatoes and corn-on-the-cob.”
“You’re in luck; that’s just what I’m cooking.”
After dinner, they settled back to talk. Bob lit-up his ninth cigarette for the evening. He drew the smoke deep into his lungs and began talking as he exhaled, mildly surprised that he didn’t cough.
“Funny thing, Peter. I’m sitting here with you, and it seems to be the most natural thing in the world. Thing is, I can’t remember where I’ve been or where I’m going.”
“That bother you?”
Bob laughed, releasing a cloud of smoke. “No, not really. Life’s an adventure. It’s the ‘not remembering that bothers me. That, and finding you out here with drink, dinner, everything just perfect. Strange. What are you doing here?”
“Waiting for you…”
“Hello, the camp! Rider coming in!” called a voice from the darkness.
“You’re welcome! Come on in!” Peter called back. “And I’m waiting for him.”
The new rider rode into the campfire light. Bob recognized him immediately and rose to his feet.
“Food and water for your horse over there. Come join us when you’re done and I’ll get you dinner,” said Peter.
“Th… Thank you, that’s very kind of you,” said the rider and turned to care for his horse.
“Jimmy? That you?” questioned Bob.
Jimmy turned. “Well, Bob Mitchum! Wha… what brings you out here?” They shook hands, then embraced. “Someone told me … jus … just this morning, you were dead!”
“Holy Jesus!” said Bob.
“Careful,” said Peter.
“I think I am!”
“Then… I … I must be, too,” said Jimmy.
“Peter, this is my friend, Jimmy Stewart. Jimmy, this is Peter.” The two shook hands.
“Pleased to meet ya,” said Jimmy. “You have a last name?”
“Most call me St. Peter, but here, I just like ‘Peter’. Let’s get you taken care of, then we can get some rest. We’ll get up early. I like riding into the morning light.”

Dr. Fred Eichelman

Dr. Fred Eichelman is a retired teacher and a director for Point North Outreach, a Christian media organization. He recently had a book published, Faith, Family, Film-A Teacher's Trek. Fred is a former local Republican Committee chairman and has attended hundreds of conventions from political to science fiction. He sees the two as compatible. Fred also tells us he values very much a title we gave him since he could not be a PolitiChick. PolitiDude.

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