Commentary: Democrats and Collusion on All Fronts

There’s a curse that goes like this: “May you live in interesting times.”  It’s fitting this curse is said to have come originally from China.

We are living in not only interesting times, but perhaps in the most complex and corrupt time in human history.

With two warring factions of political and media elites in America; each vying for votes, viewers, and credibility; and each with startlingly different versions of reality; it’s never been more difficult to discern what’s really going on, who’s doing what to whom, and who’s behind it all.

So why not wade into the deep-end and offer my own conspiracy theory – outlandish or not. It’s this.  China allowed the release of the Wuhan Virus killing hundreds of thousands because they intended to do what Democrats could not, and replace Trump as President of the U.S.

Let me explain.

Were Hillary elected president, she NEVER would have challenged the Chinese on trade, never would have met with North Korea, never would have pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord, never would have changed the NAFTA Agreement, never would have required NATO member countries to pay their fair share, and would certainly have never pulled out of the idiotic Iran deal.

With Hillary, it would have been status quo. You need something from President Hillary’s Administration? No problem. Hire Bill or Chelsea to give a speech for, oh, say, $750,000 plus first-class travel. Done deal.

In other words, the corruption China has depended on for years to extend their influence around the world would have continued uninterrupted.

And if Hillary had won, no one would be the wiser. The liberal media wouldn’t cover it. Fox News and other conservative talk shows would have been victims of aggressive FCC misconduct. And companies that advertise on conservative programs would never see another government contract unless they stopped sponsoring those disapproved by the left.

None of that happened though because Donald Trump won the election, and that changed everything.

First, President Trump pushed back against corrupt Chinese trade policies that allowed them to steal our technology, take our money, and refuse to open their markets to U.S. goods and services.

The Obama-Biden Administration allowed it. So did both Bushes and Bill Clinton. In all, their policies cost our nation trillions of dollars, damaged our world standing, and diminished our pride.

That’s where Nasty Nancy and “Chucky” Chuck come in. The enemy of their enemy was their friend.  China became their friend because the enemy they shared was Donald Trump.

The left has made no bones about it; from the day of his election, Democrats, the media, and the deep state have worked to take down Trump. Russian collusion. Ukraine quid-pro-quo. Stormy Daniels. Etc… Etc…

NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT: All of the charges against Trump have been proven false, and all the effort to take him down have been well-orchestrated, if poorly implemented, coup attempts by Democrat politicians and deep state trolls.

China reportedly also wanted Trump replaced with Biden. In the Obama Administration, Biden was the point man for China policy. He applauded their commitment to honor, transparency, and fair play. He helped create the permissive environment in which China could lie about a virus that would kill more than 200,000 innocent people worldwide and threaten the economic well-being of billions.  Biden has always been a China-booster.

Both the Democrats and China were willing to sacrifice the world’s economies to beat Trump.  They knew that even with the sexual assault allegations against Biden; the duplicity and hypocrisy, his failures as Vice President to address the China problem, his obviously declining mental acuity, and the self-dealing of Democrats in Congress; they could still win if the economy didn’t recover before November. Biden couldn’t beat Trump, but a massive worldwide recession could.

So China allowed the Wuhan Virus loose. Rather than warn the world and save millions from the consequences of a pandemic, they denied its existence. They kidnapped and killed doctors and journalists who tired to tell the truth. Then they blamed the U.S. military for the creation of the virus. Now they’re insisting other countries do their bidding in order to obtain critically needed personal protective equipment and ventilators.

Democrats saw the economic crisis for the opportunity it presented as well. They expanded the economic pain with draconian shut downs they keep extending ad infinitum. They insist they’re doing it for the health and well being of America’s people.

Yet in the next breath, these same paragons of compassion release thousands of hardened criminals from prisons and jails with no plan what to do with them or where they’ll live. Then they express surprise when these newly released felons rob, rape, and murder — reeking havoc among innocent Americans. But then Democrat hypocrisy has been well documented, especially as we see #metoo warriors crumble in the face of sexual assault allegations against Biden.

Now I don’t actually know if the Chinese government intended to defeat Trump by destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands and the livelihoods of billions, but it wouldn’t surprise me. And I don’t know if Democrat leaders colluded with China. But, as a practical matter, it makes sense.

Given what we now know about corruption at the highest levels of the Obama FBI and Justice Department in launching illegal investigations against Trump; the unrelenting lies of people like Adam Schiff that are now being exposed; and the constant eruption of anti-Trump activity by the left; it’s not unreasonable to suspect something more is going on here than that a bat virus from a wet market in Wuhan plunged the strongest economy in history into near depression in fewer than 3 months time.

One way or the other, it’s clear we’re being played by a Democrat left who will use any circumstance available to transform our economy into a socialist dictatorship that leaves us all poorer and less free.

Hope and pray that Trump brings back the economy before November. Whether China and Democrats intended it to work this way or not, if Trump loses, China and the leftist Democrat leadership will be in charge. Heaven help us all.

John Philip Sousa, IV

John Philip Sousa, IV is an entrepreneur, political activ-ist, author and accomplished business person. John has worked in the financial services industry for over 40 years, built a highly successful marketing company, ran for congress at age 24, and in 2016 created and led the successful movement to draft Dr Ben Carson into his candidacy for President of the United States. John is author of John Philip Sousa, A Patriot’s Life in Words and Pictures and Ben Carson, RX for America.

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