Left Displays Usual Pettiness Over Coronavirus

I knew the radical left in this country wouldn’t stay silent over the Coronavirus for long. They can’t help themselves. If their not attacking Trump then they can’t survive, no matter what the issue. So while President Trump is doing everything possible to halt the spread of the virus, the left is engaged (as usual) in petty and vindictive politics.

First up we have the mayor of New York City, Bill De Blasio:

The truth is, and New Yorkers and all Americans deserve the truth, it’s only getting worse. April and May are going to be a lot worse. Right now, we are a third of the cases in the country. That’s going to get worse. We’re about two thirds or more of the cases in New York State. That’s going to get worse. But the president of the United States is from New York City, and he will not lift a finger to help his hometown. And I don’t get it. I don’t get it. Right now, I have asked repeatedly for the military to be mobilized for the Defense Production Act to be used to its fullest to get things like ventilators so people who can live who would die otherwise, I can’t be blunt enough. If the president doesn’t act, people will die who could have lived otherwise.”

There it is!!!! People will die!!!! I was wondering when that favorite leftist template would be utilized. Reminds me of the scene from “Airplane”:

“Passengers certain to die!”

“Airline negligent!”

“There’s a sale at Penny’s!”

So in essence, what De Blasio is essentially asking is for Trump to be more dictatorial. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried! Perhaps Trump thought that the mayor of the largest city could demonstrate responsibility and take care of some of this on his own. On that account Trump obviously misjudged. Besides, why can’t De Blasio call on the governor of his own state for help? Maybe because the Governor is a Democrat and it’s easier (and cowardly) to blame a Republican?

Then of course there is the entertainment crowd. Cher was back and tweeting in all caps (so you know what she says is IMPORTANT!!).


As Batman might say, “Poor, deluded woman”. First of all, the rich entertainers have access to much better health care than the common folk. What are YOU doing to help the average man other than running your mouth?

Then there’s George Takei, who is always like a laser beam decrying racism where it doesn’t exist (and ignoring it where it does, on the left).

The Star Trek actor, in a Saturday appearance on the left-wing network MSNBC, said that the president’s decision to refer to the coronavirus — which originated in Wuhan, China — as the “Chinese virus” sends “a cold chill throughout the Asian-American community” and added that Trump is “sending a signal to the haters in his constituency, and there are plenty of them there.”

I guess Mr. Sulu missed all the media descriptions of it as a Chinese virus. The haters are on YOUR side. Takei added,

The coronavirus acts just like Trump. It gains a foothold and builds on ignorance. It grows because people don’t want to listen to science and the experts,” he said. “It shuts down our borders and cuts us off from each other. And it’s a symbol of our utter lack of preparedness. #TrumpVirus

It is astounding how people on the left try and project onto Trump exactly who they are themselves. They are the totally ignorant ones and have been on just about every issue.

But it’s not all bad. Many in the entertainment industry have taken to social media to “perform” lest we have to do without their presence and perish.

Michael Stipe wrote a song for the occasion:

I will hide and you will hide and we shall hide together dear, underneath the bunker. I have water, I have rum. Wait for dawn, the dawn shall come. Underneath the bunker. We’re all in this together and we’re gonna get through.”

Steve Martin did a video of himself playing the banjo. Being a bluegrass fan I actually kind of liked it. You can never go wrong with a banjo.

Arnold Schwarzenegger did a video of eating a meal with his pony and donkey, Whiskey and Lulu. That sounds like a good name for a 60’s go-go. I am inspired though. Maybe I’ll do a video of me and my cat eating together.

Captain Picard did some Shakespeare.

Ron Perlman sang a tribute to Kenny Rogers. It was pretty bad. Someone needs to tell actors that just because they can act doesn’t mean they can sing.

Naomi Watts let us watch her making soup!! Gosh, how would we survive without these people?

And last, but not least, Sheryl Crow has an instructional video on how to use toilet paper. No I am not making this up. She is really that ridiculous.

I was disappointed though that Alyssa Milano hasn’t made a crying video about children dying.

These people have totally lost their minds and I can’t think of a worse nightmare than being stuck in an “underground bunker” or in isolation with any of them. They are small minded and delusional and advance nothing in the fight against this virus. They are like little annoying barking dogs. If we should quarantine anything it should be them.

John Baldwin

John Baldwin is a native of Roanoke, Va located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of SW VA. He is a husband and father of three children. He has been a devout Christian since he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and accepted the free gift of salvation in 1988. Politically John is a conservative who's political views were formed during the administration of Ronald Reagan. John's fulltime job is as an Applications Analyst (Software programming). John is also the host of two online radio shows on Victory Radio - "The Front Porch Gospel Music Show" and "Victory Talk Radio" (interview show). He is also an avid "oldies" music fan and is the DJ of the weekly "J-Bal Oldies Show” on the Doo Wop Cove.

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