Accountant Says: Let’s Talk Democrats and Taxes!

Three years ago President Donald J. Trump took office, and can you even imagine that Democrats are still whining about the results of the election.
That is a lot of whining.
Unfortunately, their disappointment over the 2016 winner and their inability to accept the voice and vote of the American people has culminated in an illegitimate impeachment scam. The fact that these hearings are a sham is evident because there must be an actual crime committed first for a legitimate procedure to take a congressional vote. And underneath it all there is the low hum that President Trump has still not disclosed his tax returns.
All Presidents since the seventies, beginning with President Richard M. Nixon, have released their returns. And whether Liberals like it or not there are only three requirements to hold the office of President and the Congressional swamp of dishonorable Republicans (better known as Never-Trumpers) and die-hard Liberal loonies cannot butcher up, convolute, or change this fact. To be the Commander in Chief you have to be an American that is a natural born citizen, at least thirty five years of age, and have lived consecutively for 14 years here in the states. There is absolutely no mention of releasing a tax return. And just because career politicians have been releasing tax returns for 40 years in no way means it is a new requirement. Nixon should not have started this nonsense with the tax returns, but he did and until President Donald J. Trump no one has had the nerve to just say no.
President Trump aside, I have worked for a small accounting firm for just over 22 years. That is a lot of tax returns to pass before my eyes and I am here to tell you that they are private. Ask any accountant if he does his family’s tax returns and the answer will be a resounding “no”. Why?  Because they are private.
Income, assets, debt, and how one spends their money is personal on every level and just because someone is brave enough to run for office does not mean they need to release their tax returns. A CPA firm would not be in business very long if every tax season they plastered all the returns they filed on public billboards or on registers down at the County Clerk’s office. Certified Public Accountants share the same client privacy privilege as lawyers and doctors with their patients.
In 2017 Roll Call delved into exactly how many members of Congress put their money where their big mouths are by sending a request to all of the nation’s five hundred plus senators and representatives to release their tax returns and guess what? Only 37 responded, and of those, six provided the documents. They are bunch of lying, manipulative hypocrites so it is no wonder they do not want term limits…
But there is one small minute part of the population that does want to show the public their tax returns: The Liberal Elitist career politicians who have a burning desire to be President. For them a tailor-made tax return is one way to paint a pretty picture in the ugly word of politics. Career politicians, like members of the Kennedy clan and the Clintons, are perfect examples. They want to show the American public their tax returns because every entry on their return is calculated to be aesthetically pleasing and socially gallant. They are intricately prepared to reflect upstanding citizens who volunteer and graciously donate money.  On paper these candidates look like Mr. Rogers running for president. But in reality, both the Clintons and the Kennedys should have been cleaning up after their messy relatives rather than running for any kind of elected official on the American payroll.
Tax returns contain private and sensitive information that is not made public anywhereThis fact should speak for itself.  Not to mention that American culture prevails in a society that is schooled on the art of not asking certain questions in public because it is considered a rude social norm.  Asking to see someone’s tax return is beyond rude.  Democrats blubber about needing to see the President’s tax return for “National security” and to ensure that he paid his fair share of taxes–oh please. It is exasperating trying to deal with such liars.
Remember old Senator Harry Reid? In a 2012 Huffington Post interview Reid claimed that a Bain Capital investor privately revealed to him that Romney didn’t pay taxes.
“He didn’t pay taxes for 10 years!” Reid said. “Now, do I know that that’s true? Well, I’m not certain, but obviously he can’t release those tax returns. How would it look?”  Later in the week former Senator Reid made the same slanderous charge on the Senate floor taking it further by stating it as a fact. Unfortunately Reid could not be prosecuted for his immoral behavior on the Rotunda floor because of immunity Article I, Section 6 of the Constitution. And the slimeball knew it because after Reid made the claim with Senatorial immunity he did it again outside the Congressional halls, this time citing Politico as his “extremely credible source“.
As Reid was getting ready to retire in 2015 he did a CNN interview with Dana Bash and was asked if he had any regrets about falsely accusing Romney of not paying his taxes to which he quickly snarked, “I don’t regret that at all.” When Bash followed up about some calling it “McCarthyite”, he gave a shrug with a little smirk then added, “Romney didn’t win did he?”  What a creep.
So next time you hear Joe Biden insist that President Trump should release his tax returns it may look innocent and forthcoming, but that is not the case.
Meanwhile, all this tax talk is merely grasping at straws because from Day 1, Donald J. Trump took his President’s Rule Guide and tossed it in the can. He began working for the American public and caused the world to clearly understand why the Democrat Party’s mascot is a donkey’s ass…

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