PolitiChicks: Our Best of the Best for 2019

In 2010 I began working with Liberty Alliance to create the very first conservative talk show on the Internet. We wanted it to be “the alternative to The View” featuring guests who were conservative artists, authors, politicians and more. Thus, “PolitiChicks” was born.

When the show ended I helped turn PolitiChicks.tv into a political website. I began recruiting dozens of contributors (mostly first-time writers) from across the U.S. My basic modus operandi  was trolling Facebook, searching for people who knew how to express themselves succinctly without using ALL CAPS and EXCLAMATION MARKS!!! In almost every case, my instincts were correct and by the time we relaunched in 2012, we had a very strong roster–ground-breaking because they were all women writers. Soon after, my former TV co-anchor and friend, Morgan Brittany and I purchased PolitiChicks.com from Liberty Alliance.

These days PolitiChicks features both women and men writers, offering unique voices from every corner of America. Our writers are doctors, professors at colleges, experts in national security, foreign policy, and constitutional rights. And we don’t just cover politics anymore–we wanted to ensure our readers were informed on all aspects of American life including religion, education, entertainment and everything in between.

Many of our former contributors have gone on to greatness. Michelle Moons, who was a first-time writer with us, is currently working in the White House. Former contributor Alissa Tabirian was a Speechwriter for the Department of Defense. First time contributor Brian Bledsoe now has his own podcast, TrendChat, and recently won a Conservative Leadership award in Texas. Former PolitiChick Kimberly Klacik is gaining major notoriety for singlehandedly trying to clean up her hometown of Baltimore and she is now running for Congress. Suzanne Sharer, also a first time writer for PolitiChicks, is currently running for State Senate in Arizona. Beth (Baumann) Washabaugh was working as an Editor at Townhall.com and Sam Janney is an Editor at Twitchy. Julie Klose wrote her first book, with a forward by Eric Metaxas. Each time we hear of these achievements Morgan and I cheer for loudly and proudly!

Our writer roster is much smaller these days, mainly because I can only do so much to keep everything going on my own. But without these folks, well, we’d just disappear as so many other websites have done through the years.

So as we head into our first decade, Morgan and I wanted to offer our enormous gratitude to the following Best of the Best–those who have remained with us from the very beginning, and others who we feature regularly.

And for those of you who continue to read us daily, a giant THANK YOU to you, too–of course we wouldn’t be here without your love and support!

Political Contributors


Daniel Greenfield our PolitiChicks tagline, ‘Shining the light on the darkness’, summarizes your life’s work so it seems to simplistic to merely say ‘thank you’ for sharing your brilliant articles with our readers. And yet–thank you for continuing to bring attention to everything from the continuing dangers of Islamic terrorism to the hypocrisy of leftists in America. As an editor, whenever a new writer asks me for advice on anything from sentence structure and formatting to punctuation, I forward a link to one of your articles. Your writing is exquisite, Daniel Greenfield, and you continue to be an inspiration to all of us at PolitiChicks. Thank you isn’t enough, but there it is.

Jamie Glazov and The Glazov Gang, while we miss joining you in your studio we are happy you’re continuing to present exceptional guests and shining the light on totalitarianism and terrorism throughout the world. Despite your Canadian accent, we love you!


Dr. Fred Eichelman, thank you for your sense of adventure in writing and broad imagination! You are a source of great fun for our readers and we look forward to seeing what you and your cat, TC, come up with in 2020!

Stuart Kaufman, we appreciate you sharing your articles from The Charleston Mercury for our readers. After meeting you on our book tour we knew your voice needed to be heard!


Michael Ingmire, you are probably our most diverse PolitiChicks contributor in that you cover such a wide variety of subjects. We first got to know you as the uncle of Benghazi victim Sean Smith–but then we learned all about the “other” Michael Ingmire. We love experiencing (through your writing) your love for all-things-New Orleans and your lifetime of playing blues music with some of the greatest-greats in American music history. And then, out of nowhere, you’ll write suicide prevention, or a piece about Nancy Pelosi! So thank you, Michael–you are truly a gift for all of us.


Katherine Daigle, thank you for keeping us updated about all-things-California. It’s devastatingly sad seeing how far that beautiful state is sinking, but we are proud of you for continuously fighting for her, running for office, and trying to salvage whatever is left of her. You are a true Patriot and friend!

Michelle Mears, thank you for your 2019 contributions! You, too, have been on the ‘front lines’ in California, showing not only the beautiful side with your travel blog but also the ugly side–reporting from the California/Mexican border how easy it is to sneak in…We are especially proud of you for finally becoming a PAID journalist–we love when that happens and we pray for your continued success!


Tom Stark, despite having tremendous health issues your contributions and updates on the education systems in America have been enormous for PolitiChicks. Your series on the 1619 Project was invaluable, showing such blatant revisionist history (as endorsed by the New York Times, of course). Thank you for everything, and our prayers are with you always!

Michael Russell, of course all of us at PolitiChicks know who you “really are”. As a professor at a liberal college, we’ve appreciated the great risk you’ve taken writing for PolitiChicks over the years when you could be fired for your political views. And what a horrible sentence to write in America 2019! So a huge thank you for continuing to speak your truth despite everything, and for being an important educator.


Barry Shaw, all of us at PolitiChicks are lovers of Israel. So we are extremely appreciative to have you, a contributor who lives and works in Israel, informing our readers of what’s really happening there. Thank you very much for keeping us updated on everything from elections to issues with Palestine.


A.F. Branco, wow, we just adore you! When we are stumped as to how to express any particular article there are your cartoons, saying everything that needs to be said. You, A.F., probably more than any political cartoonist in the history of political cartoonists, are able to convey everything about our frustrations with these insane Leftists, succinctly showing the hatred and hypocrisy of today’s Democrat Party. We appreciate you so much more than words can say–if we could draw our appreciation, we would. But you could do it so much better.


Becky Noble, first of all we’re so proud of you for going back to college to pursue your Master’s degree! And at the same time, we’re happy you somehow manage to have time to continue writing for us. Thank you for your contributions for almost 8 years (!) and we just can’t wait to see what’s in store for your career in journalism!

Monty Morton, after meeting you while taping The Glazov Gang we were so happy you agreed to write for us. We love your honest and straightforward POV on politics and look forward to more!


Dale Parker, thank you for your very honest contributions about management within the NRA. As a lifetime member, we know it wasn’t easy for you to go public with your thoughts but any/all organizations need to be held accountable for their actions, especially when it comes to preserving our 2nd Amendment rights. We’re glad you reached out to us and hope to hear more from you in 2020.


Gregg C. Cummings, few are as informed as you regarding immigration and the US/Mexican border. We hope you’ll continue writing for us in 2020 because one thing is for certain–if we don’t maintain our borders, America as we know it will no longer exist.


Emery McClendon, there are few writers who convey their love for America as well as you. We appreciate your beautiful point of view and reminders of all the wonderful things that make up our country. And as always, we thank you for your service to this great country!


Jenny Kefauver, you are one of our long-time PolitiChicks contributors, with us since 2012. Thank you for continuing to introduce us to so many entrepreneurs and conservative icons–we look forward to hearing more from you in 2020!


John Baldwin, we’re hoping you don’t have PTSD from having to watch all the Democrat debates this year! THANK YOU for taking one for the team and covering all of them with humor and taking the time to provide (insipid) quotes followed by your own hilarious commentary. You’ve also covered so many other insane Lefty things involving ‘sky is falling’ climate change and other fear mongering events. If one HAS to hear about any type of Leftist coverage, it’s best to come from someone who can break it down with the humor it deserves. So thank you and we look forward to more in 2020!


John Philip Sousa IV, even during times when we were stretched for articles there you were, contributing up to 5 per week. You have been an invaluable font of commentary this year about every current event in the news. We are so honored to have someone of your American history lineage in our PolitiChicks family, so thank you so much for everything.


Kenneth R. Timmerman, after meeting you in Florida and hearing your terrifying updates on Benghazi we dared to ask if you would contribute to PolitiChicks. And then you did. Thank you so very much for allowing us to publish your work; it’s a travesty that your findings aren’t headline news in every newspaper, or being blasted on news channels (even FOX seems afraid). But we will continue publishing anything you send us, hoping to open eyes about what is really happening with national security.


Project 21, when you first reached out and asked if some of your contributors could write for PolitiChicks we were thrilled. For too long we’ve only heard one side of a very biased story. Your writers, including Marie A. Fischer, Martin D. Baker and others, gave a fresh take on what it’s like to be black conservative Americans, refusing to follow the “norm”. We so appreciate the work you’re doing and look forward to collaborating more in 2020.


Tina Moody Bryan is one of our newest contributors and talk about feisty! This East Texas beauty is exactly who you’d want verbally fighting in your corner when it comes to everything from 2nd Amendment rights to showing poor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez how to use a garbage disposal (“bless her heart…”). With her exquisite East Texas accent and die-hard attitude, we are all so happy to have Tina in our PolitiChicks family! (And P.S. Y’all  might see a little collaborating on video projects with Tina and me in 2020…stay tuned.)


Patti Barnett Terrell, you are another long-time PolitiChick who we appreciate dearly. Your articles about growing up in East Texas are like sips of iced sweet tea on a hot summer day. Keep ’em coming, girlfriend!


Dr. Carolyn A. Roth, we are so grateful for your lovely contributions on religion. In this world of spiritual warfare, the only way to survive is to continue looking up to God to save us. Thank you for your work!

Ann-Marie Murrell

Ann-Marie Murrell is one of the creators of PolitiChicks and co-owns the site with Morgan Brittany. Ann-Marie is co-author of two bestselling books, “What Women (Really) Want” and "PolitiChicks: A Clarion Call to Political Activism". She has appeared on dozens of television shows including Fox & Friends, CNN, Hannity, the Dr. Phil Show, Huckabee, Lou Dobbs, C-SPAN, One America News, Stuart Varney & Company, Newsmax, MSNBC, and more. In addition to PolitiChicks, Ann-Marie has written for multiple other news sites. You can find Ann-Marie Murrell on Facebook and Twitter: @PolitichickAM E-mail: [email protected]

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