Day: July 19, 2019


Texas PolitiChick Tina Bryan Talks Taylor Swift, AOC & More on Right Now Network

TX PolitiChick Tina talks to New Right Network about everything from jail to Taylor Swift's latest video, in which Taylor denigrates Christians and, well, everyone other than her fellow Leftists!

Emery McClendon: Stop Putting Words In Our President’s Tweets!

Conservatives shouldn’t be so hasty to fall into the same political trap as the conservative black senator from South Carolina. When Senator Tim Scott said President Donald Trump used “racially...

Illegal Immigrants and the New (Stolen) American Dream

Let’s say I break into your home because, well, it’s nicer than mine. You’re asleep or otherwise occupied so I just relax, raid your fridge, and make myself at home. The next morning you come...