Judicial Watch Tom Fitton: Spying on Trump was Run out of Obama White House

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton on Fox News discussing Attorney General William Barr’s testimony to Congress about the effort to spy on Donald Trump. Fitton says this might be a “bombshell” to Democrat voters but isn’t a surprise to those who’ve been paying attention on the right.

Tom Fitton says:

“Nothing like this has occurred in American history. This is one of the most significant abuses of power in American history. No other presidential candidate has been spied upon to the degree that President Trump, or then candidate Trump, was spied upon…And it wasn’t just having his wires tapped, they had an expansive FISA operation against him, they were trying to place spies and plants in the campaign, they were taking up his phone records…Why hasn’t there been a comprehensive investigation? This is why Democrats are nervous. The Democrat National Committee needs to be questioned, the lawyers need to be questioned, Hillary Clinton needs to be questioned, and dare I say it, President Obama needs to be questioned.”

Fitton says Judicial Watch will continue bringing the truth to the American people and justice to those who are responsible, from the bottom to the very top including former president Barack Obama himself. “Our Republic was under assault during that time because of the abuses of this administration.”

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