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Day: April 26, 2019


Tom Fitton: Some of Clinton Emails Found in OBAMA WHITE HOUSE

Hillary Clinton recently stated that the only thing preventing Pres. Trump of getting an indictment is that “he’s in office”. Rudy Giuliani responded that perhaps Hillary should...

Daniel Greenfield: Raise Taxes on Everyone Richer Than Me

“Nobody should earn more than a million dollars,” Bernie Sanders declared in 1974. During his original Senate run, the socialist candidate claimed that “concentrations of wealth” were...

Barry Shaw: Jew-Hatred in Ireland Disguised as Sympathy for Palestinians

There’s an old joke about a Jew who goes to live in Ireland. When he tells someone he is Jewish, the man asks him, “Aye, but are you a Catholic Jew or a Protestant Jew.” Tuvia Tenenbom is a...