Must-Watch Video: The Brains Behind AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Imagine if you will a team of ultra-progressive, talented young New York movers and shakers who want to change the world. They hold auditions for the role of a lifetime: a seat in the House of Representatives.

Enter a naive young woman/former bartender, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who auditions for the role at the urging of her brother. She gets the part as the nominee and, ultimately, wins the role becoming the most famous–and perhaps most powerful–Congresswoman in America.

You’ll think this video is too unbelievable to be true until you realize the people behind the AOC movement, a group called Justice Democrats, have never even tried to erase their tracks. Their website features a video in which they proudly talk about the way they “created” AOC, beginning with holding their “nomination auditions” looking for the right person to run in the election! And ever since she won, the same Justice Democrats have been perfectly coaching every word that comes out of AOC’s mouth. In fact, the only time she gets in trouble is when she tries to wing it and speak off the cuff in her own words…

Perhaps the Democrats figure if a billionaire businessman who became a television reality star could become the the President of the United States, they could turn a young woman into a Congresswoman.

The difference is Donald Trump is brilliant. AOC, well…not so much. But it’s the movement behind her who everyone in America should be afraid of.

Watch and learn, and then please research Justice Democrats for yourself. Because trust us, right this moment they are coming to your towns and cities in Texas and beyond, looking for and auditioning the next AOC’s…

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