VIDEO: PolitiChicks Ann-Marie Murrell and Morgan Brittany on Huckabee Show

This weekend PolitiChicks co-owners Ann-Marie Murrell and Morgan Brittany were in-studio guests on Huckabee with Governor Mike Huckabee. Here is their appearance:

Following is a statement from Ann-Marie’s Facebook page:

Our segment went fast and we talked long so for time’s sake, cuts were made. As an editor, I sometimes have to do this myself but luckily Morgan Brittany and I can let you know some of the parts that got edited out.

I talked about how Morgan and I are going to begin heavily promoting faith-based projects via PolitiChicks and the importance of blending religion and politics in today’s world. We specifically mentioned several of our friend’s projects including Jenn Gotzon Chandler and Jim Chandler, Laurie Prange’s Fanny Crosby film, Lisa Bennett‘s Grace the Movie, how spiritual Dr. Fredric Eichelman‘s Virginia film festival was, and so much more.

Another edit was when I said I believed it was the devil who created the saying that we shouldn’t talk about religion and politics together, because (paraphrasing) the only way to change corrupt Washington is by putting God in charge because only His Light can truly dry up that DC Swamp. That got one of the biggest applause of the night lol. Anyhoo hopefully we can come back and keep spreading His word as best we can. That’s our new mission, and we’re determined to do this.

Thank all of you so much for your continued support, and if you get a few moments please let the powers that be at TBN you liked our segment and want us back. Who knows–maybe Trinity Broadcast Network needs a weekend morning show based in Texas with a few wise old Christian Chicks!

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