Co-Founder of Home Depot Explains Why He’s Voting Republican

Photo: Bernie Marcus’ Facebook page

From the Facebook page of Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus:

I want to share with you my thoughts about this upcoming election and the political atmosphere we live in. The vitriol that we see in this campaign is like nothing I’ve seen in my entire life – and I’m an old guy.

Political discourse is at the lowest level – and we saw in the Kavanaugh confirmation, and at the mob scenes, attacking legislators in restaurants, elevators, hallways. Culminating in bomb threats which some demented individuals, caught up in the propaganda, have taken to heart to act in their own stupid, vicious way.

It’s incredible for me to believe that Trump has accomplished as much as he has in the past two years. I watched the economic and job market stagnate for ten years before Trump.

Yes, his words and gestures can drive anybody crazy – they drive me crazy.

Yet he has actually made good on most of his campaign promises. What’s wrong with America being great again? I love this country, and I am a product of the free market. Remember, I grew up in a tenement, with immigrant parents, poor as you can possibly be. Is what we have in the country today so wrong that many millennials and people like Bernie Sanders, want to turn us into Socialists? Why?

I’ve spent my life creating jobs. My 55 years of work, has always been to create jobs and opportunities for people (along with myself). That’s what I think every politician has to think about: those who work hard deserve what they get… those who put in the time, the hours, the effort, the passion deserve more than others.

Socialism and Communism just don’t work. Never has. Just look at Cuba…Venezuela…Russia. People are trying to get into the US for one reason – opportunity.

So, I am a Republican. Not a die-hard Republican, but a Republican because I believe so much in the free market, and this party represents me.

You may not like our leader – he’s tough to take – for even the heartiest of souls. But if you get past his rhetoric and look at his accomplishments, you have to agree that he has been successful. Who’s not better off? Hispanics are. Blacks are. We have the lowest unemployment rate in forty years. Wages are rising and will continue to rise as the labor shortage continues. Isn’t it better for people to take care of their own families rather than have to beg the government to send them a check every month?

Think about the threats from foreign countries. Iran. North Korea. China. Russia. Who wants a weak army? Who wants to have weak defenses? Who in G-d’s name wants open borders? Nobody I know agrees with open borders – not Republicans, not Democrats. If you don’t have closed borders, what the hell have you got?

We can’t just let everybody into this country. My parents waited in line. My father and mother actually waited two years before they were allowed in. They were vetted, and when they came here, they kissed the ground. Are these people trying to get in now going to kiss the ground? I doubt it. Are all these people coming in because they love freedom and democracy? I don’t think most of them even know what freedom and democracy are. They come from countries that have nothing like it.

So, all in all, I am supporting the Republican Party. You can write me poison pen letters. Makes no difference. Everything I have just said is logical and how I really feel. And is not political, trust me. I am someone who voted democratic in many elections in my life. But not this year…

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