Book Review: Gilligan’s Dreams by Dreama Denver

Today I come to you in hopes that I can make a compelling case for you to read Gilligan’s Dreams,  written by “Gilligan” actor Bob Denver’s lovely wife and the love of his life, Dreama Denver.

Benjamin Franklin once said that we should either write something worth reading about or do something worth writing about. This is a case of achieving both. I sincerely hope there is a way to put this story on film. This has to be possible – after all, Dreama’s good friend and strong supporter for this work was Homer Hickam, author of Rocket Boys which was made into the wonderful movie October Sky.

Gilligan’s Dreams is the love story of a man and woman that found a level of love for each other that very few ever find. But beyond that it is a story of how they sacrificed their lives to care for their severely brain damaged son Colin – a child that UCLA told them to institutionalize because he was so far beyond hope. It is the story of how Dreama cared for her loving husband as he was dying of heart disease and throat cancer. Their story is inspirational, heart warming and heart breaking – I have never cried this much reading any book before and I have read a lot of books!

Dreama is a very gifted writer – her choice of words many times seemed poetic and I often found myself transfixed as to how she could convey their story with such impact. This book can touch so many people that are struggling with problems in their lives and demonstrate how the power of love can overcome them. Beyond that it can infuse hope and inspiration into those that are caregivers.

There is another message here – a reason why so many of us loved Gilligan’s Island when it was such a silly show. I have pondered this myself many times but it took Dreama to provide the words. It was because we all want to be able to identify with someone like Gilligan. Someone that could mess up and yet still have everything come out all right in the end because people still loved him – and more importantly, forgave him when he felt small and insignificant. Who does not want to be a part of a family where we feel loved in spite of ourselves?

This is a testimony to a wonderful man that few of us really got to know and to the wonderful woman that was by his side for so many years. I know he would be proud of this work even as I am. I count it a privilege to have met with such a remarkable woman who has given so much of herself in life and in writing this work – I think it could make a difference in the lives of so many.

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Doug Hartline

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