Several Fatalities After Attack on Jewish Synagogue

Eleven people are dead and many injured (including police officers) after an attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Robert Bowers has been identified as the shooter. It has been reported that he shouted “All Jews must die” as he shot the congregants. One of the victims, 97 year old Rose Mallinger, was a holocaust survivor.

President Trump offered his condolences for the victims and their loved ones:

All of America is in mourning over the mass murder of Jewish Americans at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh,” President Trump said. “We pray for those who perished and their loved ones, and our hearts go out to the brave police officers who sustained serious injuries.”

He also condemned the shooting, calling it an “evil Anti-Semitic attack is an assault on humanity.”

It will take all of us working together to extract the poison of Anti-Semitism from our world. We must unite to conquer hate.”

And right on queue, the left went into full blame Trump mode. They can’t be bothered to actually show some restraint. But I suppose they really had no choice since in their demented thinking they equate Trump with Hitler and Nazism. To not attack would have destroyed their narrative and I seriously doubt their minds could have handled it. It doesn’t matter if Trump is the most pro-Israel President in our lifetimes. He must be destroyed.

Ike Barinholtz: As an American Jew I feel nauseous. And if you support Donald Trump you should too because this s** is on YOU. IT’S YOUR FAULT. Remember that tonight as you’re trying to go to sleep.

Danny Zuker: To Sheldon Adelson and my other Jewish brothers and sisters who support this bigot in the name of Israel: Is moving the embassy to Jerusalem really worth all the hate Trump has sewn?

So a Jewish bigot moved the embassy to Jerusalem??? Who was it that wanted Israel to move back to the pre-1968 borders? Oh yes that was Obama. Zuker is just ignorant or stupid. Or both.

John Leguizamo, in responding to Melana Trump’s tweet of condolence: Then tell your husband to stop saying he is a “nationalist” which is code for Nazis and the KKK. Tell him to stop saying he wants to be able to say “merry Xmas instead of happy holidays!” Which is an anti-Semitic dog whistle. Tell him to stop dividing the country and condemn hate”

What???? Merry Christmas is an anti-Semitic dog whistle??? These people have totally lost their mind. John’s twitter account description may provide a clue to his mental state: “I’m a neurotic paranoid schizoid mestizo mulato underachieving overachiever!” On that we can agree.

Michael Moore: Love & solidarity to all our Jewish brothers & sisters. Excuse me, fellow gentiles, didn’t we all agree that we would NEVER let something like this happen again? That we would, at the first HINT of fascism, put an end to it before it grew into something worse? That moment is now.

Yawn. Btw, if Trump really WAS a fascist you wouldn’t be able to continue to speak freely and bore people to death. You’d be in jail (boring people to death).

George Takei: Ivanka reminded us just now that “America is stronger than the acts of a depraved bigot.”

I agree. Together, we can defeat her father’s Nazi dog-whistling and support of violence.

I believe George Takei, Cher and Rob Reiner are in a contest to see who can make the most despicable tweets. For today Mr. Sulu is winning. It’s real easy to join the band wagon and call people names. It doesn’t require any tough decisions or independent thought.

Julia Ioffe: And a word to my fellow American Jews: This president makes this possible. Here. Where you live. I hope the embassy move over there, where you don’t live was worth it.

Yes Julia, the Jews living in Israel have NO CLUE about being victims of anti-semitism. Good grief what idiocy.

Ana Navarro:If u’re distressed about this week’s events in America, vote. Volunteer on a campaign. Vote against those who divide us, promote culture wars and sow discord. Vote for those who solve problems, unite us and defend American values. Cry, get sad, get mad, but then get up & VOTE

I intend to vote against those who divide us which is the Democratic Party, the media and leftist Hollywood. I urge everyone else to do the same.

Lastly, I know this would never make a dent in the left’s mind due to their irrational and delusional outrage, but Trump has family members who are Jewish. If he’s a Nazi then he’s working against his own family. So while you may be impressing your liberal friends with your outrage, the rest of us think you’re completely mad and incapable of rational thought. You continue to prove it on a daily basis.

John Baldwin

John Baldwin is a native of Roanoke, Va located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of SW VA. He is a husband and father of three children. He has been a devout Christian since he surrendered his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and accepted the free gift of salvation in 1988. Politically John is a conservative who's political views were formed during the administration of Ronald Reagan. John's fulltime job is as an Applications Analyst (Software programming). John is also the host of two online radio shows on Victory Radio - "The Front Porch Gospel Music Show" and "Victory Talk Radio" (interview show). He is also an avid "oldies" music fan and is the DJ of the weekly "J-Bal Oldies Show” on the Doo Wop Cove.

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