Speaking of Bullying…

This past spring when Melania Trump announced that she was initiating a nationwide anti-bullying campaign to serve as a motivational program for America’s youth called Be Best! I could not think of a better social subject to address, because it touches nearly every aspect of life. She is the perfect spokesperson for the task because she has witnessed the bullying of her husband in an extremely close experience, not to mention the bullies she has had to endure herself. My guess would be that she has tolerated bullies her entire life because when you sparkle like Melania Trump does it always draws jealousy and mean people who have nothing to lose.

When Mrs. Trump revealed her ideas to implement a new pillar in society for America to grow and mature into a more peaceful and moral place to live, Liberals went bonkers.   Like always, they bullied in their response to Mrs. Trump’s anti-bullying campaign, but on a very personal regard and in racist ways, making fun of her accent and skin color. Nice. Real classy, and proving liberals are the bullies in life, like always.

Unfortunately for American society at large and more likely, for human beings wherever they call home, bullying is innate in some people. Bullying is clearly a human condition that has no bounds. There are bullies in pre-school where little girls are jealous of your hair color and decide to pick on you. Then grade school through grad school then till the day we die the bullying gradually gets worse as the stakes go higher. Bullies lurk in our employment, with nosey neighbors, pushy relatives, in-laws, associates and more. No one is safe from bullies because there are no lines they will not cross when they are mad. Look at road rage when a bully lets his temper drive the car and hell be damned to all consequences.

What do you think this #MeToo movement is all about? In many cases, bullying women with sexual force. Does anyone believe that Harvey Weinstein invited actresses on his hotel casting couch–often wearing nothing but a bath robe–for an up close and personal interview, no strings attached? Of course not. He bullied the women who came to him seeking employment into fulfilling his selfish sexual interests.

Do you think Matt Lauer lost his job, family, and reputation because he is a stand-up good guy and a decent citizen? Not so much. Albeit a handsome leech, Lauer oozed an unwarranted arrogance that lent him to be a sloppy Bully with no intent to cover his actions. He never concerned himself with repercussions because who would dare take on the pretty reputation of his dashing smile and apparently his groping hands. With all his time off from work, I wonder if Lauer has given any thought to what his daughters will think of him when they are grown–or God forbid they marry a man just like dear ol’ Dad.

Then there’s funny man Bill Cosby, who didn’t even bother to outright bully his victims–he just drugged them into submission. Cosby assumed drugging these women would be easier on the reputation, so carefully crafted himself as the nice, funny, family, man. He disorientated the women, hoping they’d just “forget” so he did not have to own up to his actions. Until, thank God, he got caught.

Meanwhile conservatives are consistently bullied by the left, all while leftists sing their own praises about how nice, accepting, and tolerant they are. It is beyond hypocritical, but this is the only way a Liberal knows how to conduct himself.

So when Mrs. Trump had the audacity to take on such an issue as bullying, liberal veins were popping at an alarming rate. They could not believe her perceived arrogance because they insist the President himself is a bully. But like always their take on President Trump is wrong and they are the true bullies of America, and they began showing their true colors the day after the inauguration when they began their “protests”.

From the very start there was true madness when these loud-mouthed bullied donned their angry eyes and their pink genitalia hats and stormed DC to let our new President know how much they hated him. Normal people lose and just go home–but no. These people marched to Washington and screeched about protecting their imagined reproductive rights or some nonsense, but the truth was that they were there for one reason, and that was to begin bullying President Trump.  One can only imagine looking out the window of the White House at a sea of foaming feminist bullies, an angry Anti-Welcome Wagon to your brand new job. It was hard enough to watch it taking place on television, much less to see it in person.

For as long as I have ben paying attention to politics, Liberals have held the power of the media. Their playbook of rules calls for them to target, isolate, impugn, and destroy their enemy by labeling them homophobes, war-mongers, racists, women-haters, and on ad nauseam.  But their ideology as the foundation of our institutions, norms, and ways, cannot sustain itself. This is time tested to be true, so they always revert to their roots as the party of Cry Babies and Bullies. However now, with President Donald J. Trump, the American news cycle of lies and false information has finally been disrupted. Whether you like social media forums or not, Twitter as given our President a tool in which he speaks directly to the people, side stepping the media Bullies who manipulate the truth. We have not seen this since perhaps stumping by horseback and Roosevelt’s Fireside chats.

And unfortunately for everyone, Trump bullies are emboldened by the media’s insatiable need of drama. You see, media members themselves have no other way in which to do their job other than acting like a bully while claiming ‘freedom of the press’. Ever see foreign news correspondent Andrea Mitchell (more appropriately known to Rush Limbaugh fans as Angria Mitchell) in action? My goodness, this woman appears to be somewhat mild mannered when anchoring a desk or talk show but let her loose on the public in her role as news correspondent and her true colors show. She is notorious for screaming questions at dignitaries from across any given room like a hillbilly in a trailer park hollering at the youngens to come in for supper.

And instead of being horrified by her ugly and unbecoming actions, Mitchell is revered as a pioneer for women in journalism by her peers in cable news but once again, she is nothing but a bully in nice clothes, (although she really needs to put on a jacket and leave it on). I am over these news journalists who want to be taken seriously while dressed for a cocktail party then bully their guests if they vote the wrong way (or rather against their beliefs). It is as if these people get behind their ‘job title’ and take off with reckless abandon for anyone who dare gets in their way because they think they can claim constitutional protection. They are wrong. Again.

A few weeks back, Kaitlan Collins at CNN became a causality of bad manners in the era of the Trump presidency. If you have not noticed by now President Donald J. Trump is a man’s man who walks the walk. He has brought New York hutzpah to the White House and Liberal bullying to an all-time high (who knew it was possible for them to hate someone more than they used to hate President Bush!). They are still pouting over the 2016 election results and refuse to accept the genuine strength behind the Trump Republican party.  Collins was at the White House as the pool reporter for the day and was there representing all other networks to take notes and report back. But instead, she hollered at the President as he and others in the room stared at her in disbelief. These so called ‘journalists’ mistakenly believe that their job specs include rude and unbecoming behavior.

Look at the Talking Heads over at MSNBC, talk about bullies! They don’t even try to temper their personal ill will towards the President much less keep it out of the days news cycle. These journalist wannabees do not have the first clue of what it means to be a professional, respected, journalist. Just because someone holds a laminated badge that reads ‘news correspondent’ does not mean they are one. When Collins got tossed out of the White House, Wolfe Blitzer at CNN was beside himself with outrage saying, “KC was actually banned from a late afternoon precedent in the Rose Garden because the White House simply didn’t like the questions she asked earlier in the day.” Vice-President Pence corrected Blitzer and explained that this had nothing to do with reporters “doing their job” and everything to do with manners and maintaining decorum.

The media convolutes so much while claiming that freedom of the press is their constitutional permission slip to not only behave in poor taste but to pollute the truth along the way. Nowhere in the U.S. Constitution does it state, suggest, intimate, or imply that the U.S. President must endure reporters shouting out questions in a boorish and uncivilized manner. This behavior has nothing to do with a clairvoyant government and open access to politicians that run the country and everything to do with Bullies in the press trying to manipulate any given situation. The Trump/Pence ticket and the character for which they stand are running the show now and no longer will it be accepted for members of the news media to act like buffoons while claiming freedom of speech.

This, my friends, is the very reason, the essence to why America’s left is just so darned mad, over two years after their beloved/pathetic candidate had her second monumental loss. First Hillary Clinton and her entourage of professional Bullies had to suffer Golden Boy Barrack ripping the nomination from her well-oiled hands, and then eight torturous years later she got trampled over by the most fabulous Donald J. Trump.

Here’s the deal, Leftists: President Trump refuses to let anyone bully him. He is not indebted and does not owe any political favors and is genuine to speak his mind. Our President is not a blabber mouth and will not be bullied into satiating the liberal media bullies. He will not have it.

Now getting back to the subject of our First Lady, I also want to address the snarky public chatter that took place about Melania needing an official FLOTUS “cause”. Her #1 Cause is that she is a Mother to their son Barron. And unlike liberals, Conservatives do not believe in unicorns or that it takes a village to raise a child–it takes a Mother and a Father. I know this concept irritates Liberals, but facts still remain. I refer to biology and sociological statistics for your proof of this simple reality. Mrs. Trump gave birth to a baby and now walks the walk too. She was a hands-on Mother before her husband took the oath of office and had no intentions to ditch her responsibilities and commitments for new ones, regardless of the new employ of her husband POTUS number 45.

I so appreciate and respect the fact that the Trumps did not uproot their son and what he knows as home, although causing the President to commute between the White House and his personal digs more than most Presidents in history. Barron is just a child and quite frankly teenagers need a stay at home parent just much if not more than younger children. So hats off to Mothers like Melania Trump who have their priorities straight.

No one can bully our smart, funny, and strong President or his smart lovely wife Melania Trump into anything. It is refreshing.

And as for Melania’s bullying campaign, good for her and she’s correct about the need for this in so many areas. As President Reagan said, “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

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